Sheep Kisses

One of my favorite shots from the fair.   We continued with our weekend tradition of watching an episode of River Cottage before breakfast.  On today’s episode, we saw two lambs being born, you can watch too, here.  I continue to be fueled with homesteading dreams…….




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7 responses to “Sheep Kisses

  1. That sheep is really cute…I love the black head and white body. Dreams do come true my friend…xo

  2. My dream farm? Sheep, chickens, and bees. Love this photo and going to have to check out those episodes of River Cottage ~ fur sur!!

  3. great photo.

    dream big.

  4. I love sheep. As a child we had a neighbor family that raised sheep. Lots of sheep. When I was 4 or 5 they called to ask if I’d be interested in bottle-feeding a lamb…the mama rejected it. I was thrilled to have a lamb for pet. Dad would bring the lamb into our fenced yard and I’d give him a bottle 3 x a day. Unfortunately I remember a very devestating day….the little guy got out of his pen during the night and became a meal for the coyotes. I was scarred for quite some time over that ordeal. I asked my dad and brothers to sit in a tree with their shotgun to get the coyote. I don’t remember if they did that or not. A life lesson for this little girl.

  5. Keep the dream close…Little by little, even if the first steps are just following the recipies…

  6. When I was little, we raised sheep. I got to watch one have a baby once. I would go out after school and wait in the barn until dinner and then go back out in my p.j’s after dinner and wait until bedtime. Finally she had them.. three!

  7. Sweet photo!!
    I can imagine your dreams WILL come true sooner than you may think! Blessings to you on these beautiful dreams may they become a reality!

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