Pondering The World

It’s one of those moments when you realize you are getting older.  When you realize you have turned into your parents.  When you finally subscribe to National Geographic.  For me it was the longing for those gorgeous photographs. For Ems it was the free map that came with the subscription.




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9 responses to “Pondering The World

  1. What a great magazine to have a subscription to!

    I think my kids would like the maps as well.

    Enjoy your night,

  2. Oh good heavens, the maps!

    I save our old issues for a friend – she makes truly lovely and unique beads from the pages. Works of art, really. Talk about reduce, reuse, recycle…

    Have a happy tomorrow, my friend!

  3. I also grew up in a house with stacks of National Geographics lying around!

  4. we have a globe that I purposely leave out so we can easily reference it. I love maps too.

  5. Just saw your post over at Michelle’s..not your tomatoes too???? UGH!!!!
    Maps- LOVE’em. Go Em!! Was thinking of mapping my FOOD the other night after starting A,V,M. May still do it too… Will keep you posted. Tell Ems keep the map ready for me…

  6. blueskyhi

    My son must be getting old quickly. At the ripe old age of 7 he got a subscription to Kids Nat Geo. Can you point out Perth to your girls for Mitchy? He loves the idea that I know people from all over the world.

  7. We got this magazine when I was a kid. Absolutely loved the photos. It’s amazing how much you can learn about our world from viewing only the photos. I still have a few of my ever favorite issues.

    Love that bee girl thought about mapping her food. That’s one of the first things I thought of when I saw your photo….guess that’s from reading the AVM book.

  8. We get these from my husbands grandma. She saves them and writes his name on the top.. I think she takes the maps out first..

  9. i remember as a kid flipping through my moms copies, this beginning my love for the planet and all the creatures that live in it 🙂

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