Wordless Wednesday-Neverending Rain





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7 responses to “Wordless Wednesday-Neverending Rain

  1. blueskyhi

    My sky is absolutely identical to that today- gray and cloudy. But I’m grateful that we have wet miserable winters as in the summer it doesn’t rain for up to 5 months.

  2. i thought of you last night as i was out reading at dusk. as much as i love mornings, i am liking dusk a little bit more.

  3. Don’t you just love clouds? How they’re always different, always changing? However, neverending rain does get tiring…

  4. We’ve had rain nearly every day this week. Monday was like a monsoon. Beautiful lightning last night at bedtime. Sun this morning.

  5. beautiful colors. I love grey sky.. the main color of a Montana sky.

    We have had a load of rain lately too. Good to not have to water the garden, but the bees are antsy to get out and fly in warm sun again.

    Today is sunny and looks to be a sunny weekend. Hope yours is as well.

  6. Lovely tones and compostion of the pictures.

  7. I never thought I would say this now after all of the never ending rain we received the entire summer but these recent hot days would welcome a rain shower to cool us off. Beautiful photos! I can imagine you must see great thunderous storms brewing across the farm land from your front porch!

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