The tomatoes are blighted.  The beetles have about destroyed the zucchini (okay, so maybe I’m not mourning that one).  And it appears something (deer?) has eaten the tops of about half of the bean blossoms.  The peppers are proliferating and the carrots are still being dug a few at a time for the rabbit.  And we are so not going to talk about the herb bed which is sincerely, sincerely out of control and in dire need of picking and repotting.   It’s staying in the mid-nineties everyday meaning it’s miserable to try to do much outside.   As a firm believer that as a part of the natural world we are also cyclical, I look forward to the autumnal changes and the shedding of the labors of summer in preparation for the rest and renewal to arise refreshed and full of faith in the Spring.  Where as a few months ago it was the murmurings of fresh fruit and green shoots, now I am feeling the twinges for crisp air, wool blankets, apples, pumpkins, acorns, oh, i love acorns… is it any guess that because I am a “yearning” kind of gal that this is all I can think about?




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14 responses to “Cycles

  1. I am with you on this one. We have only just started getting hot weather in the last week or so and already, I am yearning for fall. Fall is my favourite season and I am looking forward to days that are sunny, yet the air is cool. The part of Canada that I live in (Ontario) has spectacular displays of fall colours. I can’t wait for the leaves to change colour.

    Can’t wait to see photos of what your fall looks like.


  2. I’m beginning to feel the desire for fall…pots of soup/stew/chili simmering on the stove, freshly baked cookies and cool breezes blowing.

  3. don’t go wishing your days away – fall will be here sooner than you think.

    at least this is what I am telling myself.

    I love fall too.

  4. Oooh, I am so with you…autumn is my favorite season. I do, however, wish we could have another week or so before school starts…

  5. We love fall.
    I just wish we had acorns! A friend of mine brought some home a few years ago and they have slowly been lost.

  6. Oh, I’m so holding on to the last possible breaths of summer, and loving the tank tops, the beach, the bare feet, and the windows wide open to let the light and the nice air in! I’m also a yearning kind of gal, but for next summer:)!
    But I’m with you on the zucchini front: our local variety, zucchette, a long twisted kind of zucchini, are just coming in, and well … enough said!

  7. This is why next year I am supporting the farmers market heavly….good grief having a garden is killing me.

  8. blueskyhi

    The colour of the leaves is amazing and it reminds me of autumn in NZ. Here the leaves don’t change colour or fall off as the temps are too mild and almost every tree is a gum tree!! I can so relate with being cyclical with the world. I need spring so I can get my spring back too.

  9. What a gorgeous photo! While I truly love fall, I am not quite ready for it yet… I am cherishing these days even though all of a sudden we have experienced the hottest days of the summer and I just do not want to do much but hang out in the cool river. We did pretty good but did not get the best crop of veggies this year, I think all of the rain may have been a culprit…

  10. I do love autumn…summer is my least favorite season. I would even go so far as to say that I get that seasonal disorder something or other…basically depressed…during summer. Like how people get depressed in the winter for lack of sunshine…but opposite. I love the winter. I love the cold. I love the rain. I find it all extremely rejuvenating. Summer? Ick. That’s one of the reasons that I garden…something positive about the heat. The plants like it!

  11. So strange watching your Autumn coming in when we are just starting signs of spring….nature is an amazing thing! x

  12. I am so sorry to hear about your tomatoes too. My heart always years for fall. I can smell it in the air here and I am ready. It is a time of year I love and treasure. Remind me about this in March when I am loosing my mind…

  13. makes me long for the smell of pumpkin spice. mmmmm, yeah for fall 🙂

  14. syd

    I love fall, too – but this year, I’m going to miss the gardens! 🙂

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