Busy Organizing




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8 responses to “Busy Organizing

  1. Good for you my friend…you are actually DOING what I SAY I’m going to do. Um..yeah…that big pile of clippings in the basket tells me otherwise! I need to be inspired!

  2. I keep my recipes in a binder too, which right now is busting at the seams. Maybe this winter…for now…the corn is calling : )

    Love your binder…Have to admit I am a “plastic sleeve” addict. Love those darn things.

  3. did you make that recipe? it looks dreamy : )

  4. Nope, haven’t made it yet, but soon I tell you.

    I should have been doing other things, and in all actuality got sidetracked (yet again) harvesting the herb garden and so it all still sits on the dining room table, uggh.

  5. My recipes are organized that way too. I even went so far as to put in labeled dividers. One for “dessert”, one for “crock pot” etc. I can’t believe how much easier it is to find my favourite recipes now!

    Good for you for getting it done. One small task at a time. I am trying to get in the frame of mind to do a big purge here, but it is kind of overwhelming me. Soon.

  6. I just did this same thing. I have been printing off recipes and always tucking them here and there.. (mostly crumpled up in the junk drawer really).. then I decided to get a 3 ring binder.. yes! Now I can just flip through.

  7. I have a 3-ring binder for recipes too and it is due for a good cleaning out. I did eliminate about 2 years of cooking magazines from my kitchen last week; felt so good to purge. Need to do more. Oh, and that chocolate dessert….looks dElish.

  8. This is good…love the organizing..so nice to keep and store the recipies often used, I also like this method because you have a binder for the frequently used recipes. Even my fav cookbooks I ususally only use maybe 20% of all the recpies…

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