Or otherwise subtitled “I Don’t Think Brushfire Records Has Ever Produced Music I Don’t Love”.

Even when I am an old 94 year old woman I will still have a mad crazy crush on Jack Johnson and his beautiful music and besides being talented and lovely and proactive  he has this great company that bring me more talented, lovely and proactive musicians I come to love.  Case in point, Zach Gill, who has performed with Jack, and  I thought this song a bit fitting today (besides which I’m  too lame to put up a real post).  But no really, I love to share music about as much as I love to share books and I haven’t posted any music in awhile since I tend to listen to the same six people over and over.

If you are having one of those crazy frustrating days like I had today, or your family is getting on your last nerve, or you like men who play the accordian, or you just appreciate a good Jack Johnson cameo, enjoy this!



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7 responses to ““Family”

  1. lol I like your last lines of this post… “and if you like men who play the accordian”… well, yes and who doesn’t? ; ) I like Jack Johnson too, and I love that you will still have a crush on him when you are 94! Will we still all be blogging then? hehe you never know right! Thanks for the music! Enjoy your week : )

  2. When I am 94 I will still have a mad-mad-crazy- crazy crush on the Avett Brothers.

  3. blueskyhi

    Jack Johnson is a fave of mine too. I always think of him as my summer music because it’s so refreshing and vibrant. I love the idea of everyone still blogging when we’re 94 – probably still be blogging about our kids and hopefully our grandies too.

  4. Hey…theres my boyfriend!
    Oh I love this. I SO needed this today what a great
    I feel a smile emerging.
    Thank you for posting this today.

  5. okay, yes. I like that song too.

  6. This just made the start of my day so much better. Love it!

  7. i’m loving the idea of our 9o something blogs, as i told Nicole,

    “Made it out of bed and to the rocking chair today. Saw sunshine out the window, hoping the great grandchildren stop by….”

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