Me, The Goats

I posted before about my love for goats and my desire to one day have them.  I mentioned that my Great-Grandparents raised goats on this piece of land we now call home. I finally found it……the photo of  little me and the goats standing in what is now my backyard.  This photo was taken by my Grandfather who seemed to always have a camera and a favorite subject (see below girl) and had his very own darkroom in the house.  It seems that it is not only a sense of place that gets handed down.  Today as a grown woman I find myself standing side by side with him oftentimes both of us with cameras in hand.


On the theme of goats, I have been reading tales written by a very smart and very lucky goat over on This Goat’s Life blog.



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17 responses to “Me, The Goats

  1. I love it! That is so awesome! Now I think you need to get some goats of your own and take a picture with them. I love that your grandfather was a photographer…and with a darkroom no less? Now that’s the real deal…this digital thing makes it way too easy for us! Have a great day…xoxo

  2. There is something about goats…just love them.
    See… and they are just perfect size…I hope you get one or two.

    (I have a feeling we might be expanding our family next spring and adding a few…especially after visiting the fair.)

  3. Absolutely love that photo and the fact that it hits so close to home for you is fabulous.

  4. Great photo!

    My great-grandfather was a photographer and he also had a darkroom in his house. There are a lot of neat photos of my mom and her brothers that he took. They are priceless treasures!

  5. What a nice memory and symmetry!

  6. i wonder if I am allowed to have goats in my city.

    hmmm, now look what you have done : )

    seriously though, I love that photo. and love that your grandpa took pictures too.

  7. blueskyhi

    We were at Balingup (country town) on the w/end and Luke had his first goat encounter and you could see that he was completely fascinated and taken by them. The goats and kangaroos were just the right size for him. This reoccuring goat theme maybe a sign that you really need a goat.

  8. Oh, I could eat that photo. That is so lovely. And that you LIVE THERE NOW. Ohhh! You must get a goat, must.

    My father had a darkroom in our house when I was growing up. I can still smell it and see the red light and the images floating onto the paper.

    Love sharing in your memories.

  9. It’s like looking at your daughter. I’m so glad you found the photo. Maybe it’s up on the fridge as inspiration?

  10. Destiny. That’s all I’m sayin…
    It’s written in the cards.
    Get that plan rolling!!
    So glad you found this snap. It’s wonderful!

  11. loving your youth…go get a goat now!~

  12. How very blessed you are to live on your grandparents land. I often dream about my grandparents still being alive and the love and friendship we would share and the treasure they would find in my children. The photo of you is so sweet, I think it must be destiny for you to relive your childhood for your children and for yourself!! I can imagine you will have one happy grandfather to help get you started : ) Now GO GET A GOAT!!!! I want to see more goat photos!! I grew up having them and remember watching their births such an incredible memory.

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  14. Hi, I ended up here from bee girl’s blog. We raise nubian goats….I just love them! They have wonderful personalities!

  15. We felt your goat longing and gave your blog a write-up on AllThingsGoat. I believe the only cure for goat-ancholia is, of course, goats so I recommend you find a couple to commune with at your earliest convenience. 😉

  16. We are blessed with boxes and boxes of photos and Super8 movies of generations of our family, all taken by my beloved Grandad. He too had a darkroom at home and as a result there are tons of photos of my Mum as a wee girl and all her siblings. So precious to have.

  17. alifelesssimple

    That is a truely lovely photo. One of my favourite photos of me as a child is me with my first goat and ‘our’ (the families) first goat

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