Silliness From My Bag

I have several wonderful, meaningful posts floating around in my head, but had to opt for this one after this evening.  I arrived about 10 minutes early to the Parent Teacher Organization meeting tonight at the girl’s school, and being self-conscious and only moderately active didn’t want to go in yet so I sat in the car and cleaned out my purse.  Here’s what I found:


A wallet.  A checkbook. A grocery list.  A deli ticket #71.  Five receipts.  Five pens (blue only). One bottle Pepto Bismol children’s tablets.  A cell phone.  Fingernail clippers.  A pair of tweezers. (pulling out grey hairs at work).  Aveeno anti-itch cream with coritsone (leftover from chigger attack), antibiotic cream (leftover from mad scratching of chigger attack). Three tampons in no usable form.  Box of mints.  A vitamin.  Pink post it flags.  A rock.  Two feathers.  Two paperclips.  A pair of butterfly barettes.  One earplug (given to Ems by a kind man at the fireworks, don’t know where the other one is).  Miscellaneous straw wrapper bits.  $5.76 in change in the bottom.

Though I am official mother failure—-no tissues, we use hankies.



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6 responses to “Silliness From My Bag

  1. Oh my gosh…this is so funny! The tampons and the rock got me…I can SO relate! Being the mom of boys it wasn’t uncommon for me to include in that list Matchbox cars and plastic army guys. Gotta love it!

  2. I’d put all that stuff back in there. Never know when you might need it. (although, I might refresh the tampons!)

  3. Love your bag!! I am relieved to know I am not the only person out there who has rocks and disintegrated feminine hygiene products in her purse. Great post!

  4. I need a new bag. And my old one probably needs a good cleaning. There are times when I’d be happy to find a feminine hygiene product of any nature in my purse…I never have one when I need one.

  5. At least you found some money…

  6. blueskyhi

    Ha ha, what a cute light hearted post. It reminds me of my son emptying my handbag and all it’s hidden secrets all over the floor in our local supermarket (grocery shop) – it took me nearly 3 months to go back.

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