One of the goals I had for this vacation at home time was to organize the home.  So far, I’m behind.   Only have accomplished the first floor, but every cabinet, drawer, closet and cubby has been scoured and organized.  It is a wonderful feeling to have order again.


(The window above the kitchen sink, see blue hen on the left)

It thrilled me to no end to find out how many other people have a chicken holder in their kitchens.

One of the things I had to do was move my baking supplies to a bigger cabinet.  It seems they have outgrown their previous space.  I don’t seem to do as much baking in the summer, or at least lately, so very obviously as shown below, I need to get cracking before the brown sugar multiplies any further and takes over the world.


So I hit the binders again hoping to finish filing all of my magazine clippings.  And by this I mean, the pages already ripped out of the magazines.  This is a never-ending process.  I have four years worth of Martha Stewart Living and Country Living magazines to rip apart and categorize.


Being so proud of my neat and orderly downstairs, I treated the table to some flowers.

I think the table truly appreciates it.

So at 11:00 p.m.  Friday night, I have almost completed the binders.  There is a small handful of clippings left to do.  I am beginning to think that the baking binder may have to be split into two.  What do you think?  Oh and see that mug.  That’s my new mug that I bought for myself on vacation at Garnett Pottery.  I almost pee my pants with excitement when I go in there.  The girls hate it.  The mug is their River Green glaze.  I had to really talk myself through the store. Bowls, crocks, vases, and even a set of canisters, all in that beautiful, earthy glaze.  They are local to the area and only sell in their one small store, so whew, I am spared only a once or twice a year temptation.  I didn’t know what I was going to get for myself and then remembered posting this, talking about only needing one cup and all the priceless memories that then attach to that object.


So this shot, though dark (it’s late) is a preview.  Once I complete the filing tomorrow, I am going to re-shoot and post this picture.  It’s going to be my first (and maybe only, who knows) contest.  Want to give a little back to this lovely little community.  Look for a new post tomorrow.



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13 responses to “Organizing.

  1. and you twitter from 20 hours ago, I couldn’t agree more. u-g-h.

  2. I am loving your organized binders…great idea. And do you know when we were cleaning out the shed last weekend for the garage sale I came across a whole box full of those plastic binder sleeves? Hmmm….

    I so need to give my house a once-over…it’s gotten completely out of control. Ugh…overwhelming.

    Oh…and I think I need to find myself a blue chicken! Oh…and a window sill! My kitchen sink has NO window sill…can you believe that?! It’s a WALL. Sheesh!

  3. Very inspiring to see you orginized. I have a drillion things to do and being orginized is always on my list. I think the part of “having one cup” is just so true. And meaningful. A cup of coffe or tea becomes special then. I might do this…I like that.
    Btw I love the cup I am sucker for ceramics.

    I lurv the window display so very cute.

  4. I like your window : )
    Wow! Good for you for getting your house sparkly clean and organizing your cookbook like that, I am impressed! I am tired just thinking about it al ; )

  5. I mean *all* I’m not calling you Al, really : ) lol

  6. How funny. I was just talking to my husband about what I will do this evening and I said I was contemplating finally tackling the humongous mess in the basement. But then I said forget it. I started reading blogs and came across yours. Okay, sigh. Maybe I should start the basement tonight. I don’t have to finish it tonight.

    Your post has made me decide to get down there and do a little.

    Thanks for the little nudge. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

    I LOVE your mug, by the way!


    • Too funny – I spent a good chunk of the afternoon attempting to organize our truly frightening storage/pantry area. You’ve definitely made more progress than I have! 🙂

      I love your little sheep on the windowsill! As for mugs (yours is really nice), I usually treat myself to a special new one (we’re talking for a dollar or two) each winter. They seem to keep getting bigger (maybe I sign that I need more and more Tension Tamer tea?). What’s interesting is that anytime somebody is visiting, they always go for ‘my’ mug! 🙂

  7. Hi,
    It feels so good to clean and organize sometimes! That’s funny…..I have a chicken on my window sill too!

  8. I need to clean every drawer, cabinet, nook & cranny in my house. Last time everything was clean & organized was when we moved in ~ 7 years ago! Time for an overhaul. Including the recipes.

  9. Miranda

    Hey, just popping in to say that, while I have basically disappeared from the blogosphere and Twitter (many personal things going on, including exciting things in the world of politics), I am still reading and LOVING your blog. It just gets better and better and is always a huge inspiration to me. I will post comments more frequently, I promise.

    – Miranda (you know, hipsinglemama)

  10. Yea for binders. My cooking binder needs split too. Maybe one for more of the recipes I use everyday?

  11. Why isn’t my brown sugar multiplying also:)?!

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