Pie Eating Contest

The baking binder is done.  And in all honesty after this post going to be split in two, it’s way too heavy.  After spending the better part of two days weeding through recipes and lovingly giving them this home, you better believe I”m trying one of these babies tonight.  This afternoon my Mom, sister and I are FINALLY going to go see Julie & Julia.  So in the spirit of all things cooking and baking here is a little contest to have some fun with.


Here’s what you have to do:  Guess how many pages are in my completed baking binder, shown above.

And to clarify one page= one sheet protector.

Leave a comment with your guess and next Sunday I will pick the winner, the one who guesses closest without going over wins! Want to know what you are playing for?



Pie Every Day:   Recipes and Slices of Life

by Pat Willard

This book changed my mind about pie.  I have been a pie hater in the past..  Every book or article you read starts out scaring you to death on how difficult it is to make a good pie and I’m a pretty dang good baker if you ask me.  So this little cookbook was a library find, then I sucked it up and bought a used library copy from Alibris.  Just a note that I do purchase used books as a principle so your copy will be a used copy in very good condition.

Here is the Amazon.com review:

“The simple directions and soothing reassurance in Pie Every Day may single-handedly raise a pie revival. Pat Willard presents easy, convenient techniques. She praises the food processor as an aid to turning out piecrusts with ease. Clear instructions for everything, from the kind of flour to use, to easing the crust into the pan, make this seem truly possible. When time for baking is out of the question, Willard’s stories about her life and pie baking are amusing, calming, and uplifting. Reading this book can be as satisfying as sitting down with a slab of homemade pie and a good cup of coffee”.



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11 responses to “Pie Eating Contest

  1. I’m going to guess 65…and by the way, it’s beautiful and inspiring! I will save my sheet protectors and plow through my crazy cuttings on a rainy day…that I hope to have soon. (Yeah…in my dreams…but that’s OK!) Enjoy Julie and Julia…my mom and I plan to see it together, too…hopefully soon!

  2. I am going to guess 109 pages.

    Great idea. Glad that you got your recipes all organized.

    It is such a great feeling.

    BTW, after I left a post last night, instead of going straight down to my basement like I said I was going to, I made a cup of tea, and went straight to the couch to read my book. The basement can wait!

    Maybe tonight I will tackle it. Maybe.


  3. Holy sheet protectors bat man!! Awww … you know I am just as addicted as you are.. Hmmmm..
    my guess: 155.

  4. blueskyhi

    72. Plus I have one question. In the USA do you eat savoury pies like chicken pie or beef, bacon and cheese pie? Why do I ask – because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a US show that cooks savoury pies only sweet ones. Ok no just one more pie question. Does pumpkin pie taste as good as it looks? Pumpkin is strictly a vegetable not a dessert here.

  5. That’s a lot of recipes any way you slice it! I’m going to guess 237.

  6. Found your blog today and intime for a comp! Yay.
    Mmmm…..185 I think.

  7. hmm 200?
    I know, I know this will not be a popular thing to say and warning warning! do not read this if you have not already gone to see the movie! But, did you notice er um lots of dangling microphones in the movie! I couldn’t help but feel distracted by them! I am really curious what you thought.

  8. By my calculations (my own bunch of sheet protectors), I’m gonna guess 178…

    I don’t think I can wait until Sunday…

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