Last Summer Moments.

Just when I had about written off summer, dreaming of the next chapter in this turning year, she gives me one last moment or two to  hold onto.

Fresh lima beans from the farm Saturday.




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11 responses to “Last Summer Moments.

  1. blueskyhi

    Yum, the beans look delish and so does your summer.

  2. You know, I don’t consider myself a picky eater but I am not a lima bean fan. I do love the little dresses your girls are in; darling.

  3. Summer seems to have decided to linger here for a while longer too. Today has been almost too hot at times but I’m not complaining because it just means my beans (planted a bit late) might actually come to fruition!

    I also love those dresses!

  4. You know…I’ve always wished summer away. But ever since I began gardening I am not as happy to see it go. Great photos…I love the one of the open pod…and of course, your girls are darling as always!

  5. Pretty, pretty photos!
    I really like this post, the colors the mood and well summer : ) Yay for hanging on to summer!

  6. Fresh Lima beans? Heaven on earth with a little butter and sea salt. My favorite pregnancy craving (along with Brussels sprouts). Poor Doughbird…

    Looking forward to the new chapter of this year too!

  7. The looks so good.
    I love all the greeeeeen.
    Your new blogheader looks fabby!

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever had a fresh lima bean. They sure look lovely though. Love the new header too..

  9. this is the first time we’ve had fresh limas and they are dee-lish! much better than paying $3.49 for a small bag of frozen ones. debating on planting next year even though i said we were going to cut back veggies!

  10. Like beegirl211, I have never seen fresh lima beans before. The photo of the four beans in their pod is stunning in that color of green–oh, my!! Thank you for a lovely blog.

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