Thump, thump, thump.

Inhale, exhale, breathe in, breathe out.

Ch, Ch, Ch, Whump.

Walking through the wooded path on the border of the lawn.  Breathing and hearing my steps, distracted by only the fall through the leaves of the first acorns from the trees around me, ch,ch,ch, whump.  I am free of dinner waiting to be warmed  inside, homework pending on the table, the dog waiting for her turn, the conscious sound of the girls singing and jumping on the trampoline.  I am passing the beans still somehow making it in the garden, thinking about the transformation of the seaons, thinking of the transformation of my self, the shedding, the growing, the changing, the never-ending cycles.

It’s another pass and it’s 2 miles.  That’s it just 2 miles.  It’s one foot in front of the other.  Thump, thump, thump.  It’s the steady breathing in and out.  It’s not timed, it’s not minutes added, it’s not calories burned.  It’s freeing my body and making it feel alive.  It’s peaceful pre-dusk.  It’s work left behind.  It’s transition time.  It’s a green acorn in my pocket or a feather in hand for Boo.  It’s the start of a gentle rain falling.  It’s two miles.  It’s trying to become a habit.



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8 responses to “Habit

  1. I once collected about a quart of acorns, put them in a glass base and turned it into a lamp. You had to look really close, but for several years tiny, tiny, tiny little creatures wandered in and out and around the acorns in the sealed glass base. I put the lamp by my bed and would watch their little world before I fell asleep.

  2. You have such a beautiful way with words…I wish I were there. I absolutely love dusk…and even more, rainfall…

    I am still cracking up at your comments over at my blog….and don’t get me started about Slurpees…Coke and Cherry mixed…oh yeah!

  3. i just have to say it – you can do it!!!

  4. Way to go. Keep it up!!
    — just to get out and unwind and let the air turn those cheeks pink. I always come in refreshed and clear and full of energy after I get out for a run or walk. Good for you for taking that time for yourself.
    I am proud of you!!!

  5. There’s something so good about how one feel’s after that time away, in the outside, free from responsibilities if only for a little bit, the breathing, the doing….good for you.

  6. Very soon, the habit will become another part of the day, like eating. Your body will crave it…

    I’m so very glad you’re finding the time for YOU…

  7. Good for you.
    Run, jog, walk it really cleanses the mind and renews and refreshes.
    It’s so nice this time of year to get out when it’s a little cooler.

  8. beautiful!
    your post is so refreshing!

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