Saturday Morning

Good morning.  Not much to say today except…

Thank goodness swim lessons are now pushed back to 10:30 and what is a Saturday without a hot cuppa and a pair of comfy ripped jeans.

IMG_4218 There’s something smelly in my kitchen, but I don’t think it’s anything dead. (If you live in the country as well, you will understand that).

The girl’s rooms have not one bit of floor space left, so guess what I am doing today while they’re gone, if they’re gone.

Get to meet with ex-husband today prior to him seeing girls, so that will be a joy.

If you want to guess what my second paring down for mama hobby is going to be, take a look at my inspiration here or here.

And the girls and I will announce the winner of the pie eating contest tomorrow, and someone guessed it bang on!



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5 responses to “Saturday Morning

  1. sitting here with my cuppa too but still in pj’s.

    I’m sticking with knitting. I wish you well on that other hobby too though.

  2. Crochet! That will be a perfect winter hobby. I can crochet a basic stitch…but have never made a granny square. I’d love to learn how…I just don’t know that I could learn by reading the instructions. I’m terrible at that. Maybe Perlmann’s book would be different?

    And I have to say…I’m so jealous that you are wearing a long sleeve! It’s still hot here.

  3. How did it go with your ex today?

  4. Nothing better than a slow start to the morning! My most favorite thing to do…
    Cheers to your coffee (just going to refill mine). Hope things went well for you..

  5. Love the holey jeans. I used to have a pair like that that I loved. Um, holes got too big so they really weren’t appropriate to wear anymore. Or maybe it was that I got bigger and they didn’t fit. Can’t remember. Or don’t want to. Ha.

    No joe for me. But a diet coke on ice? Oh, that’s nice.

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