An Unexpected Birthday

Thanks to everyone who asked about how it went with ex-husband who was supposed to meet with me yesterday. He was a no-show (for me at least). He did show up at his parents house to spend some time with the girls and they returned with no tears, so at least in that we all fared well.  I give up on the conversation bit, there are some battles you just have to accept you will never win.  Myself, I had a nap (what’s that?) on the couch with a quilt and the QUIET.  I cannot remember the last time the house was so quiet or when I took a rainy day nap for that matter.

Today the girls were home  and the house was again full of noise, but good noise: laughter and shrieking and hushed conspiracies, giggles around the dinner table.  Ems decided that it was her doll Julie’s birthday, so celebrations were had, cards were made, treats with dinner.  Ems was never a baby doll kind of girl. Boo loves her babies, but Ems could never be bothered until she discovered American Girl.  She got Julie for her birthday in April and needless to say, she has become a very dear friend indeed.


I got some play in today too.  I took my camera for about an hour and wandered the homestead and got this little shot of Julie resting after her busy day of celebration.  I found her on the couch on the very same quilt I wrapped myself into yesterday.  It appears though that she was too tired to take off her party dress or her shoes.  Today would have been my 12th wedding anniversary, but I would much rather remember it forever as Julie’s birthday.



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12 responses to “An Unexpected Birthday

  1. my sister is divorced 3 times and it seems I can never forget the days she got married. We never talk about it though. It is time for you to make new memories and if it requires celebrating a doll’s birthday – well, okay then!!

  2. Thank goodness for our friends, no matter where they are or what form they come in!

  3. Julie’s birthday.. that is sweet.
    You are wise to celebrate something on this day, something good.

  4. Sounds like your day at home was a good one. Naps are a wonderful thing and unfortunately for us mothers, they are few and far between. So glad you took advantage of the quiet home.

    Glad you are making new memories…even if it is a doll’s birthday celebration. I’m sure Ems loved it.

  5. I have been thankful that God gave me boys…I just thought girls would be so hard. But I have to say, if I had a girl, and she was like YOUR girls, I’d be blessed. Your girls seem so sweet and down to earth…and FUN! Julie’s party sounds like it was a blast…

    I’m sending a big hug your way…I know it’s not the same as the real deal…but I’m thinking of you and sending love to you.

  6. ha! wait until they are fourteen and sixteen! you’ll read about my plans to run away!

  7. Unexpected celebrations are the best, and extra naps are super nice:)! I’m glad the day well for all you of.

  8. Ooops, I can’t believe I just typed in reverse order!!! It was “all of you”. Or “you all”, I suppose. Not “all you of”, though!

  9. A nap. Wow! What’s that again?

    Happy birthday Julie. 🙂


  10. How sweet. Glad you had a few moments to enjoy a bit of quiet.

  11. My daughter loves her AG too. Fun to have a bday celebration for her.

  12. blueskyhi

    What a brilliant way to spend a day celebrating a loved one’s birthday. A bit like a teddy bear’s picnic but better. There’s nothing like creating happy memories.

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