Organized Living: The Meal Plan

Our dinners fell by the wayside this week.  In fact, it was just quite pitiful.  One thing I am in the process of becoming is Organized.  Now, this is not easy for me.  Getting organized is one thing, staying organized is another.  Meal planning for me is a MUST, when I don’t, well things like tonight happen.

I haven’t been to the farm or the grocery since last weekend prior.  The refrigerator looks like Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard.  I had to work late to do an orientation presentation and therefore there was no time to stop by the grocery and get anything.  This is when the Hamburger Helper happened.

So, I read  D’s Starbucks blog confession and Michelle’s Pop Tart blog confession and well, okay here is mine.  We ate Hamburger Helper for dinner tonight…..and it was horrendous, but okay in the end.

Now, I’m standing in the kitchen over the stove with the box from the nether reaches of the cupboards (remember I organized them on vacation).  I’m trying not to think how really, really badly this breaks the Michael Pollan rule (no more than 5 ingredients).  I’m trying to think how absolutely ridiculous it seems to be stirring organic, grass fed, local beef and fresh local butter into a pan that will become Hamburger Helper.  Now, it’s not seeming too bad, I mean it’s dehydrated potatoes for God’s sake until we get to the “flavor packet”.  I mix the “cheese” with my (organic milk) and I just stop and stare that this cannot possibly be a viable color, I mean not unless the mix was made from marigolds because that color orange should just not happen in food.  I have to say I almost quit then, but I was tired and had a headache and there was a lot of homework to be done.

Long story short.  We ate it.  And we didn’t die.  Period.  Was I happy about it?  No. Did the girls like it?  Yes.  I started the new meal plan for the next three weeks while we ate dinner.


When I plan out our meals I can just walk in the door from work and know what I am going to make.  I can prep some things over the weekend to cut out some weeknight time that could be better suited for homework, or baths, or blog posts.  I am much SANER when I have a meal plan which for me and the girls makes a happier household.

In the end we are none of us perfect.  We are all trying the best we can to do what is right for our bodies, for our health, for our farmers, for our mama earth.

But sometimes $#*& just happens.  Our limbs don’t drop off.  A farmer doesn’t drop dead in the field. The sustainable living police do not knock on your door.  The earth doesn’t stop spinning on it’s axis just because you had one night of Hamburger Helper.



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11 responses to “Organized Living: The Meal Plan

  1. A meal plan makes things so much easier for me. But you know what, even with a meal plan, sometimes things just don’t work out the way you think they will and you still end up eating something less than ideal. That’s just part of being a busy parent. We just all have to do the best we can. A sane and less stressed mama for a meal or two is worth the sacrifice of eating Hamburger Helper or take out.

    Thanks for your kinds words today. I really appreciate them.

  2. Because you used your grass fed, organic and local ingredients it cancels out the evil of the hamburger helper. I think you are going to be okay.

  3. I am cracking up! You are so funny…I have to say I have an aversion to HH. But not because it’s bright orange. 🙂 My mom used to cook dinner for my dad at 1pm so he could work swing shifts. She’d save MY dinner for me, in a tin, in the oven, on warm, for FIVE hours. Trust me. You think HH fresh is bad? Try HH after 5 hours on warm. Not nice. Not nice at all.

    However, as I’m reading your whole cooking process, and listing the foods vs. the food product, I thought to myself, “Well, at least HALF of it is good stuff!” Kind of like the glass being half FULL…you know? You are doing a fantastic job, J…you are entitled to make HH whenever you NEED to! xoxoxox

  4. Here’s a confession: Left the house at 0545a for work. Home at 930p. Fed and watered chickens in the dark, wearing a head lamp. Ate a Healthy Choice TV dinner (from Nebraska, I think). Showered. Fell into bed.

    We do REALLY well when the meals are planned out on the board. We do poorly when I let it slide. Thanks for reminding me to get back on the wagon…

  5. What do you mean there is no sustainable living police?! I feel like I should be getting tickets every day.
    Good deal with the meal plans…I might consider that, smart. You have a busy life and two girls, I think what your doing and what your writing about is awesome and it validates us as humans and moms. Thank you for sharing Jennifer…and for keeping it real.

  6. LOVE this post! So honest. I’m sitting here smiling and nodding. Thanks for that!

  7. Ever tried Tuna Helper? Even better…no lie…

  8. blueskyhi

    I can not cope with out my meal plans. Meal plans and me are like twiddle dee and twiddle dum – without each other we starve.

  9. Love this post because it made me laugh. Yes, somedays @#$%&* happens no matter how organized we try to be. I’ve just recently gotten back on the meal plan wagon (since school started). The planning went by the wayside over the summer. I’m hoping to do a post about just that soon. And, no one ever died from HH so I think you and the girls will be ok.

  10. J ~ my dinner tonight included Velveeta as an ingredient so know that you are not alone.

  11. I love me some organization. And yes, everything just flows better with a meal plan.

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