The Cat House and the Camera

This is a little outbuilding in the woods behind my Grandparent’s house next door.  It has housed many things during it’s existence, but in more recent years it has been a feeding station for stray cats.  With a farm directly across the street we have seen many cats come and go.  Some for longer periods of time than others.

This was my favorite shot this week.  It wasn’t any fantastic shooting skills, just adjusting the color and exposure of the photo until it just popped.  I am a sucker for photos of barns and old outbuildings.  I love the old wood and the mismatched window that became a brilliant reflection of the surrounding trees the darker it became.


I can so see now why my Grandfather had his own darkroom and why I should be thankful to live in the digital age where I can do it all online. One eye on the craft and the other on the wee ones.



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13 responses to “The Cat House and the Camera

  1. so, what program are you using to adjust your photos. curious mind wants to know. i love the picture.

  2. right now i’m just playing on picnik, just google it. i have to explore what’s compatible with my mac, so that is another task…………

  3. Have you posted this on Flickr? This is seriously “Explore” material! Stunning photo!!

    There was a “cat house” down the street from my aunt when she lived in Virginia. Unfortunately, I think it housed an old lady with like 100 cats. I swear it had cats hanging from the gutters…

  4. When I first read “The Cat House”, I immediately thought we going in a whole new direction here – so glad to see it’s literally a cat house (smiling)…

    Doughbird’s grandpa and great-grandpa were both photographers with dark rooms in their basements…their photographs are treasures, pure treasures, for they captured every day life.

    PS: Beautiful photograph, friend

  5. Fabulous photo…love the reflection of the trees.

  6. It’s a gorgeous photograph. My DH would be very proud of himself if he’d taken that!

  7. What an amazing photo! I love old barn photos as well.

    Hope to see more of your photos soon.

  8. Love the photo! We had farm cats when I was growing up. Plenty of food bowls around our outbuildings.

  9. Love the photo, and how exciting that you’ve allowed yourself some real time for the course too.
    You say you didn’t use fantastic shooting skills, but I beg to differ – not everyone would have seen that view as you saw it, and that’s a real skill!

  10. If I use picnick online will I still get the smell of my dad’s darkroom? Anyway, I can live without it for results like yours. WOW! Beautiful work.

  11. This image is really unique and well seen.
    It’s not only an excellent shot but it also speaks volumes, love the b&w conversion…makes it feel vintagy and timeless. The reflection really makes it interesting.
    Jennifer, I do believe you are a natural.
    Just beautiful.

  12. This is such a wonderful photo! I agree with Camilla… are a natural!

  13. Beautiful picture. I especially love the mismatched glass that holds the reflection.

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