Almost Wordless Wednesday: Night Falls




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9 responses to “Almost Wordless Wednesday: Night Falls

  1. did you write that? insomnia is horrible. there are some good yoga poses to do before bed – forward bends – hold for a long time. and, legs up the wall is good too. sweet dreams to you.

  2. yes, it’s me, and it’s an on again, off again affliction. usually when i’m stressed.

    denise, you are so full of wonderful advice. i love legs up on the wall. it’s my favorite.

  3. Oh, it’s so frustrating! May you sleep sound and hard and peacefully tonight.

  4. My friend, may today find you refreshed and rested.

  5. I wish I had something, anything that could help.

    I’m thinking of you today, my friend.


  6. We must be reading each others blogs at the same time. You have just left a bunch of comments on my blogs (thanks, I love comments!).

    Did you take that photo? I love cloud photos.

    Hope you had a good sleep last night.


  7. We call it “perching” in our house. Like an owl, eyes wide open. It started years ago in college. Now I take all natural Melatonin…
    : )

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