i am.

I am from country roads, from whole wheat bread and toast and tea.

I am from  wooded aged beauty, smoky, damp, surrounded by green.

I am from the trees, the lush backyard field and winding creek.

I am from laughter and burdened emotion, from Carol and Wayne and later Stephen.

I am from the empathetic and the liberal.

From the center of the universe to holder of burdens.

I am from the church, yet churchless.

I am from rural community, feeling encroached.

From the love of a good meal and what women know it can bring.

I am from the weekends of fatherhood, the summer suns of Maine, the cold lapping of Nova Scotia waves.

I am from my mother, her words and image my own.

I am from my father, small parts in the whole.

I am from love.

I am from laughter.

I am from tears.

I am from goodness which will carry me forever.



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14 responses to “i am.

  1. A wonderful prayer to carry me to bed tonight. Thank you. I send angels to sleep on your pillow.

    Martha Ann

  2. goodness will carry you forever.

    I am…

    drinking organic red wine
    eating homemade pizza covered with goat cheese, tomatoes and spinach
    listening to pandora and my kids playing outside

    I like your list better.

  3. This is beautiful…and real..and a little sad…your words are poetic. xo

  4. blueskyhi

    I am absolutely loving this post.

    You have many talents, good mama, photography and now poetry.

  5. So very well written.
    Such beautiful words…I have enjoyed reading this peom several times these past days.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. lovely and strong and full of wise words….
    thanks for this beautiful post

  7. How beautiful. One person, so many things.

  8. how wonderful!
    your talents never cease to surprise and inspire

  9. Beautiful words. Full of meaning. You are beautiful.

  10. I loved this, loved it, loved it! What a gift you have.

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