Losing My Religion.

I gave up religion.

I have no church.  I have no temple.

And finally I am happy.

I quit trying to conform to one philosophy over another.

God and I are on speaking terms again.

I have this guy Jesus and I have this guy Buddha and together they are teaching me everything I need to know and they say a lot of the same things.

I think that if Jesus and Buddha were in a room together, they would get along really well.  I think they would shake hands when they met.  There would be a lot of talking…and a lot of listening.  Jesus would use his hands a lot when he spoke.  Buddha would mmm…hmmm… a lot.  I think they would both nod their heads quite a bit.  I think they would disagree on certain issues.  I think they would give each other that though because they both have a really tough job.  We don’t seem to be making their message of loving one another work.  I think they would laugh together though.  I think Jesus and Buddha both know there isn’t any time to waste hating each other.   It’s too bad we cannot seem to do the same thing.



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19 responses to “Losing My Religion.

  1. Liz

    You know, there are some that belive that Jesus spent his “missing” years (in the Bible he jumps from young boy to 30-something man with nothing in between) in India studying feom the Buddha.

  2. hey chicky! oh i hear you on this one. i find i am more at peace with God and other elements of spirituality when the church is not involved. my mother on the other hand does not agree and every Sunday i get a phone call “did you take my grand babies to church? NO? really? that’s so unfortunate for them.” Cause we all know that guilt is what our religious beliefs should be built upon right? 🙂

  3. good! I am so glad you lost your religion and you are finding your faith instead.

    can I just tell you that some of the most unfriendly people I know call themselves Christians and some of the most friendly people I know simply call themselves a “believer” in a higher power.

    Faith is unique. Some Sundays I want to go to church and others I just want to be home with my family. This weekend I’d love to get outside somewhere on Sunday vs. sitting in a pew (seriously told my husband this just this morning). God is everywhere.

  4. I love your words.

    I was once told there are several paths up the mountain…but only one leads to God….I was so deeply hurt that day and felt so betrayed….

    I am with you on this one Jennifer.

  5. Me too. You said it wonderfully.

  6. The picture you painted of Jesus and Buddha conversing made me smile. I totally agree with you about not having time to hate…it’s SO true. We don’t have time to hate…or to judge…or to get religious on one another…we don’t. We are called to love one another…it seems so simple. Yet we can’t seem to get a handle on it. I am doing my best…I try…I’m learning along the way…messing up big time…and being forgiven and redeemed in spite of…me. And I have Jesus to thank for that… I enjoyed this post…you have such a way with words. xoxo

    • Michelle, Thank you so much for this. I was actually a little afraid to post this (hot topic and all) especially for those friends who I know have a really personal Christian relationship.

      Your comments made me feel so much better!


  7. This is just superb. I love the visual of Jesus and Buddha talking with one another: the hands and the mmm hmmns.

  8. I’m with you on this one. It took me 30 years to get over the feeling that I had to join a church and follow an organized religion in order to find something higher than myself.

    It’s slowly dawning on me that most of the awe and wonder of our universe can be found through scientific study rather than ancient myths and legends.

    So, in this conversation, what would happen if Mohammed entered the room?

  9. Phil-I think Mohammed would be happy to sit down with a couple of dudes in peace for once, perhaps.

    Islam is my least studied religion, what I have learned of it came from a couple of Muslim friends I worked with, it was fascinating getting to know them. Mayra and I were from two completely different backgrounds, but we still sat at lunchtime and complained about our kids and our husbands. She came here from Pakistan when she was 12.

  10. camilla- i sent this to you but thought i would post it for everyone. i have a similiar quote to that in my notebook attributed to a Hindu teaching, it goes:

    “There are hundreds of paths up the mountain all leading in the same direction. So it doesn’t matter which path you take. The only one wasting time is the one who runs around and around the mountain telling everyone else that their path is wrong”.

  11. I love this post. And that’s a great quote that you added in the comments.

  12. i like what you wrote about “I think Jesus and Buddha both know there isn’t any time to waste hating each other” it seems i find so many time in the religious and political world there is an “us” vs. “them” mentality that is so hurtful. i enjoyed this post and reading each comment.

  13. Boy, did this one get my thinker going…

    After some seriously heavy pondering and thinking and wondering and questioning, I’m finally at a place in my life where it’s not about religion anymore. It’s about living what I believe. Trying to love all others as I have been so graciously loved. Failing too many times. Given a supernatural love other times.

    Thank you, Jen, for posting this. For taking one heck of a giant step out on a limb. For blowing the dust off some gray matter.

  14. blueskyhi

    I’m all for a loving world and I think all the God’s of all the religions are all for a loving world too.

    Hate hurts and love heals.


  15. Hi, i’ve enjoyed reading this ~Thank you 🙂

  16. wonderful! thanks for sharing this!

  17. I’m of the opinion that scripture can be intrepreted from a Buddhist perspective — and when it is, it makes so much sense!

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