A Day For Apples


Steppingstone Museum Fall Festival.  Clearly a day for apples.

The apples graciously donated by a local orchard.

Now to go get some of our own.



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6 responses to “A Day For Apples

  1. I love the pictures…fall is sucha beautiful time of year. Looks like you all had fun.

  2. My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures! Is that a new header? Beautiful, either way!

  3. beautiful! it looks like so much fun! i look forward to apple filled days very soon : )

  4. What fun. Our friends have a cider day each year and it was yesterday. Just love those cider presses.

  5. Totally need to go out on an apple search. We lived in my grandmother’s house one fall and enjoyed a backyard full of apples that year. I still haven’t recovered… Looks like a fabulous time! Pie..PIE anyone???

  6. What a great day. Apple cider is my favorite. I always drink too much 😉

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