Farm Fest

No time for apple picking today.  “Our farm” had it’s annual farm festival.  Usually when we go to the farm it’s a pat to the dogs and into the farm store to collect our meat/eggs/cheese/butter/honey, chat a bit with Robin or her daughters if they are working and then out the door to home.  Today we spent the day and met all the other “farm fanatics” who also frequent our farm.  It was a GOOD day for the family farmer.

It was a beautiful day, the rains held off, the locals were all displaying the best of their wares, there were boys playing bluegrass in the background.  We might not have our own farm, we might not even have chickens yet, but we are blessed, and I’ve said it a million times before, BLESSED to have a family farm a hop, skip and jump away.  If you are lucky enough to have one around you, please support them.  What they do is so important for us all.  Family farmers love their animals, family farmers love their land, and most importantly family farmers love you.  When I go to the meat section at the store, no one swaps recipes with me, no one catches me up on the latest news of local milk delivery and certainly no one let’s me know when the pie eating contest starts!

Ems it turns out might be my number one hand if we ever get a homestead up and running.  She seems to have a way with the animals.   For all her glam and sass she’s a down home girl after all.  I kept trying to explain we already had a rabbit at home and there was a moratorium on new pets until one of the current ones passes on.


And yes, I wish these were our chicks, not ones we had to leave in the box 😦




And we could not leave until the girls each had at least two turns round on the horses.  Ems has been begging for riding lessons because like every other 8-year old girl she is IN LOVE with horses.  What IS IT about girls and horses?



We already have our turkey ordered fresh from Robin for Thanksgiving, he was roaming somewhere in the back fields while the festivities were going on, but one of the other area farmers had quails, pheasants and wild turkeys which I could have sat and watched forever, their feathers, their markings were beautiful.


But of course, I didn’t stay with the fowl all day because you know where I was.  Even though they wanted to act all anti-social and head up to the far reaches of the field when you came by…I found them.  I couldn’t pass up my day without visiting these guys….




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6 responses to “Farm Fest

  1. What a great place! I knew it was going to be goats! The big guy on the left is quite a looker!

  2. trying to not be jealous. trying.

  3. It was a good day, wasn’t it?! Glad you enjoyed.

  4. It sounds like an incredible day!
    I enjoyed reading about your sentiments on farming, also so close to my heart. Right before you showed the goats my question was did any goats come home with you? : )

  5. A-ha!! The goats!! Your farm will come soon! Looks like another wonderful day. How lucky you are to have a farm so close.

  6. Mae is in love with horses too. Each day after school she runs to the horses, climbs up the fence and hollars to them until they come.. then she runs to the garden to get carrots.. just like me when I was little, and my mom.. and so on.

    Goats! Did you sneak one home?

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