Waiting For The Dead

And that would be me…..


These guys are just watching me and waiting for me to plop dead to the ground.  This is more than likely going to be a bit of an incoherent rant, sorry. But when others do it I always feel just a little more human, so if you continue past this sentence, congratulations, know others are suffering and feel human in your own pathetic way.  And don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I’ve been trying really hard the last two weeks.  I am carrying a notebook around 24/7 with me so I don’t forget anything.  It houses a daily to do list.  Each day I mark “The Date” (come on that’s the easy part) then “Meal Plan”, with my  night’s dinner.  Then a list of “Have To’s”, meaning things that I need to do that day.  Then a list of “Should Do’s” those things that are lurking and not getting done or need to get done by the end of the week.  On the right hand side I’m listing “Coming Up”, or what things are coming up on the schedule ahead that I need to remember (School appointments and DVR’ing House M.D.).

Then at the front of each week I have my Weekly Meal Plan and my Grocery List.  On the back of each day I have a listing for “Daily $$” spent (decreasing),  “Things I Have Eaten” (too much), and “Exercise” (recently, none).  At the very bottom, a list of things I have extolled from the home for the week in the “Plan To Rid The Home of Junk”, otherwise know as” Too Much Clutter Makes Me Miserable And Wastes My Valuable Time“.

So I’m not sure if it’s working.  I cannot seem to work past the Have To’s because they look like this:

work, file school papers, sort mail, cook dinner, do dishes, do homework, girls baths, pack lunches, lay out clothes, scoop cat litter, feed all animals, take out compost, sweep floor.

And I’m not getting much past that because it’s only about four-five hours between get home time and the recently mandatory GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND GO TO BED  YOU ARE SLEEP DEPRIVED time.

Uggh.  It’s been a good exercise in getting my head wrapped around what I have on my plate, I’m moving along with a mission, but I am beat, baby, beat.

I have other lists too.  I’m a real lister.  Lists of all the things that need to be done on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.  Budgets. Lists of projects I want to complete for the home.   Lists of books to read.  Pages of recipes to try.  Craft ideas lurking in every corner.  Half started projects.

And did I mention I need to lose about 30-35 pounds?    If things continue this way those vultures across the road are going to be very happy indeed!



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15 responses to “Waiting For The Dead

  1. oh my gosh. just wait to see what I am blogging about tomorrow. this is getting freaky.

    all I can say is one thing at a time!

  2. okay, last one I promise.

    love your new header

  3. I get crazy when I have too many things on my calendar. Same thing with lists. My time at work is so ‘scheduled’, on my off time I kinda fly by the seat of my pants. Organized, but flying. Eventually everything gets done. Hang in there! Hope things get a little easier for you. If it makes you feel any better: still haven’t done my meal plan, hiding from the have to’s, ignoring the should do’s, and not thinking about the coming up’s until tomorrow!

  4. I am a list maker, too…but the problem is I use the backs of envelopes, scratch papers, whatever I can find…and then I forget where I put the list!

    Here’s something to add to YOUR list: watch mailbox for Etsy order from Give a Girl a Fig. It went out today…thank you again! I’m so happy they’re going to your home…you picked some of my favorites!

  5. Seems to me that you need some help. You really don’t want to run yourself too weary. I’m not a single parent, but my husband travels often, and the help I enlist comes from my kids: they can be very, very helpful. True, most of the times they won’t think of it, and will need to be asked, but as far as their own things are concerned (clothes to wear, shower, packing snacks and sports bags, pets etc) they can easily take care of them by themselves.

  6. I am the Queen of list making! I make lists for everything. I even blogged about it once. Most of my lists end up on an excel spreadsheet. I categorize by store. It’s bad. Every holiday or event, my list making gets out of control. Everyone teases me about it, but I need to make lists or I’d feel like everything was spinning out of control.

  7. ..and all the while you raise your beautiful girls, take great photos and write a truly inspiring blog…don’t be too hard on yourself, lists are good but they can make you crazy too!

  8. I am a list maker too…sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day.
    You have to give yourself credit too…think about the grand job you are doing and raising your daughters.
    Maybe if you chunk things out a little not so much in one day…but one or two things a week…in the big picture does it really matter?
    Be with your daughters, and get sleep.
    It will get done…when your ready.

  9. Girl! Take a breath. Breathe deep. Again. Repeat as necessary.

    Granted, I am not a single parent but I was a single parent for a year when hubby was in Germany after 9/11 and his Nat’l. Guard unit was activiated. It’s hard. The day in, day out. Hard. BUT, you can do it.

    1. Cut yourself some slack. If your kids are fed, clothed and have a warm place to sleep it’s all good.
    2. Have a family meeting with your girls. Share some goals with them. Ask for their help. They’ll do it but you have to ask first.
    3. Don’t try to do it all at once. One thing at a time. One thing more each week.
    4. Know that you’re not alone.


  10. Organized chaos or a goat rope – that’s what we call it at our house.

    Words don’t get anything done, but I’m going to throw some your way anyway. Be sure to take care of you. If you’re not doing well, nothing will get done. Thinking of you today and always…

  11. Throw away the notebook…

  12. Lists are good. They help you see what you have gotten done and help you laugh at the others that might always be there. I am a list maker, and a dreamer. I start with a list and it turns into my wants.. travel to Italy, make homemade pretzels, till the field and plant it with sunflowers, buy some guinea hens, oh yea- laundry, wash windows.

  13. syd

    Dear friend.

    I am trying to catch up on blogs (my google reader was just almost to 300, literally). And I save yours for last because I like to savor your posts. Starting here. I am a listmaker, too. I use “evernote” – a computer program – because I’m a geek. Same idea though. Lists of books, lists to-do, lists to remember…


  14. I like April’s comment. List can either help or really stress you out. I happen to be a list person myself, expcet when I a totally stressed then I just can’t do anything and am stuck in some sort of pergatory. I think I am in one of those phases now…

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