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Happy Halloween.

Halloween 2009.1

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School Lunch Redo

Ems and I were standing in line at the checkout at the grocery store.  I was ogling Southern Living and the gorgeous pumpkin pie on the cover, when Ems said to me.

“Mommy, I don’t understand why they can’t change school lunches.  I mean why can’t they make them like a lunch you pack me.  You could have one section where you pick your sandwich and it could be peanut butter and jelly, or turkey or ham or chicken salad, then you could pick a fruit.  They could have apples here and bananas or pears next to them.  And then down there on the end they could have the chips and stuff for a snack.  It would be so much better”.

She has a major point.  Why can’t they change school lunches?  I know they probably get like $0.23 to feed each child and so much of our food is caught up in a corporate nightmare, but really.  Can the school board and the county and the state and even our Federal government not have the wisdom of an eight year old.

It’s something I’ve considered over the last year or two.  Not so much for my kids.  I pack their lunches everyday.  That way they get fresh fruit and organic milk, but what about the other children.  The ones who we deem it so important that they get a meal every morning that we feed them donuts, honeybuns and Pigglesticks (pankcake wrapped sausage, for those not in the know).  Perhaps some of these kids wouldn’t get a breakfast at all, I get that  point.  Our school is a Title 1 school meaning that there is a high poverty level.  It’s based on the percentage of children who qualify for free or reduced lunches.

And I realize that children aren’t asking for fresh pears and chicken salad with apples and almonds.  I’ve watched Jamie’s School Dinners enough to know this.  They want cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets because that’s what they are used to.  I’ve seen the carts of those around me in the grocery.  I’ve seen the lines at McDonalds and I’ve also seen Food Inc, so I realize it’s not always easy for those on a limited income to afford fresh, wholesome food.

Ack, it’s a giant mess of a problem.  I just thought it was an interesting thought coming from my daughter and has jarred my noggin enough to want me to check into it a bit further.  In the meantime, she’s  good to go.  Chicken salad sandwiches and fresh pears.

Now if only I could get Boo on the bandwagon……..


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Almost Wordless Wednesday-The Trees



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Fall Continues…….


The back path.


The mossy beds.


The ferns at the edge of the woods.


The lighter mossy bed.


The view from the front porch.


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October Everywhere


Gotten a Mimi yet from Michelle‘s shop?

Or one of these cute little tiles from robotcandy?


Very, very dirty windows.


Gathered pine cones, free centerpieces.


Hello, Mr. Bones!

He’s been with us for some time.  Ems is finally not afraid of him.


Rottingly disgusting jack o’ lanterns.


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The leaves are starting to change.  Now it truly is feeling like Fall.



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A Ladybug Flurry


In the midst of all of last weeks chaos there were a few bright spots.  On Tuesday the temperature climbed back up towards 75 degrees and Ems and I were given a treat.  We walked outside and the air was filled with ladybugs.  They too must have been taken with the warm weather.  There they were climbing up the house, the windows, on the car and just flying roundabout through the air. We weren’t out too long before Ems started laughing and pointing, “Mommy, you have ladybugs in your hair” and sure enough she did too.  We had them in our hair, crawling up and down our arms and legs, one even rode back into the house in my sweater.  The warmth, the little red ladys, the laughter, all were a much needed simple joyful pleasure.



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