Saturday 10.3.09

Supposed to be Halloween costume shopping.

Went to Mom’s instead.  Calum and Claire were visiting.

My brother and girlfriend.


Forgot my camera, no pictures, sad.  Ate egg salad sandwiches on the porch.  Scored and roasted chestnuts.  Fed carrots to the horses next door.  Hunted for kittens.  Hunted for mushrooms.  Watched Em and Boo walking down the familiar dirt road, holding hands with Grandmom and Claire.  Made me really wish I had my camera.  Girls decorated Grandmom’ s sidewalk with chalk.  Filled up on Calum and Claire goodness.  And Grandmom and Grandad goodness too, but they get the other kind less often.

Was a much better day than the Halloween superstore.

Now, broccoli soup and pumpkin tarts for dinner.

Parts of the house remain a mess.  But I’m letting go, remember.

Filling up on the juicy bits of life instead.


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8 responses to “Saturday 10.3.09

  1. Broccoli soup…yum! Between you and Nancy I’m craving soup something fierce! And to top it off…autumn is finally in the air around here!

  2. soup is in the air – we had it three times last week! Halloween costumes – my daughter told me today she is going to be a hippie. I think we can swing that without having to buy anything!

  3. I like that “But I’m letting go, remember. Filling up on the juicy bits of life instead” beautiful!!
    Your banner is gorgeous, I love the colors and textures your photos are always so beautiful! Scoring and roasting chestnuts reminds me of my grandfather, he always roasted them at Christmas on his woodstove for all the kids. The smell gets me every time : ) It sounds like a pretty lovely day to me!

  4. Mmmmm. Roasted chestnuts and pumpkin tarts. Maybe you’ll share the recipe?

  5. Sounds PERFECT to me! So glad you soaked up a perfect fall Saturday. Hunt some kittens out for me and give them a hug…

  6. Sounds perfectly perfect…

    I’ve always wanted to roast chestnuts, but I’m not sure if the chestnuts we grow here are edible.

    Pumpkin tarts and roasted chestnuts – fall is written all over that.

    Happy Sunday, my friend!

  7. Roasted chestnuts? Sounds so Norman Rockwell. I’ve never had them, would love to try them. I think your day sounds wonderful. I love broccoli soup. And pumpkin tarts? Mmm.
    Glad you filled up on the juicy bits.

  8. my kind of dream day for sure! hoping to plant some broccoli today, can’t wait for colder weather so i can make some soup too!

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