October Contest

Tis a mighty thing, to give.  I love to give things.  There is a certain satisfaction to making someone else smile.  At my Mother’s house on Saturday we talked again about our plan for Christmas.  Our plan made last Christmas is that rather than buying more “things” for one another we are all going to put pool our money and give a donation to Heifer International (several donations were made in each other’s names last year).

Even so, the girls and I have a few ideas up our sleeves about some small handmade items we might give.

So I am going to do another giveaway this month.  I don’t know how long it will continue , but as long as I find something contest worthy, I am going to keep it up. Give someone a smile.


These fell in my lap at the end of last month.  My Mom passed on two vintage Good Housekeeping magazines, July 1959 and March 1962.  They were a hoot to go through.  So I am passing one on.


I think the advertisements were my absolute favorite, all those housewives dressed to the hilt tending house, this Velveeta one made me immediately think of Nancy and her food confession!

So, leave a comment saying what your favorite gift to give is by next Saturday, October 10th, midnight E.S.T and the girls and I will pick and post a random winner on Sunday.

In addition (and in preparation for the  Spirit of Christmas giving) the girls and I will make a donation of a flock of chicks in your  name to Heifer International.



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11 responses to “October Contest

  1. Girl ~ thanks for the link love. Oh my gosh! How about that ad? I love vintage magazines like this. I find it to be very entertaining to take a walk through days of years past.

    My favorite gift to give is books because the receiver can enjoy it over and over. Some of my favorite gifts received are books that the giver inscribed.

  2. Books, books, books. I love giving books and I love getting books.

    I think I will do a giveaway soon and it will be a book.

    Thanks for your giveaway!

    Tricia 😉

  3. I love to give something handmade…one year I made my mom a shadow box for Christmas Sara Lugg style…she loved it. It was such a hit that everyone else wished they’d gotten one, too, instead of the gifts that I’d purchased for them!

    I also love to give something vintage that I know they’ll love…a pretty hankie, a piece of old silver like a serving spoon or something useful, an old book…and then I’ll add a little something new to go with it. One year I found a beautiful pink rosary in an antique shop for a friend who’d converted to Catholicism. Anything other than the usual store bought stuff.

    I have to say I am so envious that your family is on the same page with you as far as simplifying and doing something GOOD at Christmas. I can’t say the same for my family…still very materialistic. But, each year I try to add a little handmade flare…pickled okra, beans, jams, etc. Shadow boxes…pillows…block prints. Maybe one day they’ll change their minds…xoxo

  4. Loving the mags – and I’m right there with you. The ads are the best – art, really. We’ve been watching “My Three Sons” and “The Andy Griffith Show” on loan from the library. You can watch the original commercials, too. Makes me yearn for that simpler way of life.

    My favorite gift to give is something I’ve made. I feel like I’ve given a part of myself, a part that is good.

  5. Definitely something handmade!

    For years now my family have had a one present only christmas (adults only obviously. Imagine! LOL!). And last year we went one further and being a creative family we all agreed to make whatever present we were giving.

    It was great fun!! And the range of things was amazing!

  6. What a great giveaway!

    I love to give homemade gifts. I can be pretty crafty when I want to be and over the years I’ve given away lots of homemade goodies. One year I made some clay Christmas ornaments, another year my husband and I made mason jar lamps, this year we are working on little primitive tables.

    I love Heifer Intl! I donated to them last year. Great organization.

  7. Kelly Ann T.

    I like to give the women in my family baskets with stuff made to pamper them and make them feel special.

  8. Heifer is a beloved organization around here too. On the girls’ birthday last year, they had a Laura Ingalls party. They asked for no gifts but for their friends to donate animals through Heifer. It was heart-warming to see a whole farm-load of animals go toward doing good.

    I always feel like I cheated with the gift if I didn’t make it myself. My favorite gifts are photo books of special family gatherings or holidays or trips. I especially loved one I did for my father of photos that showed the love he shares with my daughters — from the time they were babies until now.

    Don’t you learn so much from old magazines? Not just about then, but about now. The comparison is gob-smacking. Life has changed so much in a few short decades.

  9. I love Heifer too! My favorite gift to give is definitely either something handmade or something from Heifer International or another similar organization. Thanks for the giveaway……. you are so sweet to share!

  10. What I love to give is some small frivolous thing that I know the gift receiver has admired at some time in the past year and would never buy for themselves because it is too ‘silly’ or ‘has no purpose.

    It’s never anything big–in fact it’s usually something that is under $10–and it’s something that I was with them when they first saw it. I saw them smile and look at it with just that touch on desire that we all so often have when we see something that we just love. And then I saw them put it down or walk away knowing that they would never see it again let alone buy it for themselves.

    I really enjoy when I know there is an item like that that I can give as a gift. When they receive it and their eyes light up and they say ‘how did you know I wanted this so badly?’ or ‘I would have never bought this for myself but oh how I wanted it!’

    That’s what I like to give–whether it’s a book, a small trinket, a hank of yarn or a handmade soap at a crafts fair. =)

  11. Kelly

    My favorite gifts go right along with your giveaway! I scour antique shops for someone’s favorite childhood toy, a magazine from the year (and month, if possible) they were born, something they remember seeing at Grandma’s house, stuff like that. People are always amazed and pleased when they get back a little piece of their childhood!

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