The Lunchbox

The lunchboxes have greatly improved since last year.  I posted before about wanting to have reusable fabric pouches for the girls sandwiches and snacks.  Since my sewing machine is sitting a bit dusty (just not enough time) I found some lovely ones on Etsy and had some other Mama make them. Handmade is always a good thing to me.


So they are working really well.  The girls (and myself) are using them everyday.  What is more important is that 1. They are coming home everyday and 2. They have been really easy to clean up.

We’ve also switched to real spoons or forks going to school and they are ALSO being returned.  The only thing we have left is to switch from water bottles to thermoses.  My girls are water fiends!  So for now the bottles are coming home  and being recycled as well.  Still using throwaway napkins, but I’m thinking this is a pretty big step.


Sometimes it is so easy to focus on what you have not or are not doing and it’s easy to lose sight of the steps you have made and the good things that you are doing.  This was a fun and easy step and I think we’ve already surpassed what we would have paid for sandwich bags five days a week for three girls.  If you are interested my favorites were from Cotton Top Quilts.

P. S. We’re also using them to store rubber bands and other hair accessories.  Pretty and widely functional.



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11 responses to “The Lunchbox

  1. love the fabrics. I made some last year. I am sure they are not of the same quality of those though. Do they have any type of liner? my kids would complain that the food would dry out a bit. They are natural complainers though so…

  2. Very cute containers which would make lunch time more fun! Good for you.

  3. Those are very cute. I would love to do that, too….but for some reason I just don’t think my 14 year old and 11 year old BOYS would go for it. Ya think? lol!

    On a real note…Ian does take his lunch in a lunch box every day. And…it usually comes home! Every once in a while we have to head over to the lost and found… Seth is in high school…so he takes a sack lunch and I don’t push the issue.

    I bet your little girls are the envy of the lunchroom!!

    Have I told you lately? You are a GOOD MOM!!


  4. jacobatthewell

    Tried the re-usable pouches. Too many casualties. Back to the brown paper bags.

  5. I love those. If we had to pack lunch regularly, I would certainly spring for some!

  6. Those are super cute. I love them. I bought K-Girl a set of nesting Hello Kitty bento boxes for her lunch. They are plastic but they are reusable and she’s mad about Hello Kitty so they have went over very well. I really like the baggies though. I’ll have to add them to the favorites. 😉

  7. Those look fantastic! What a great idea.

    Have you heard of Klean Kanteen water bottles? Every member of my family has one (or two) and we use them all the time for our water. They are very durable, easy to clean and so on. They are great.

    A friend of mine sells them on her web site ( but I know that they are sold many, many other places!

    Thanks for posting that link.


  8. Mon

    This is a really nice idea. I’m so glad they’re coming back to you, lol. So much better than throw-away options.
    With some eco-fabric & lining, these would be very cool. If you sew you could make these and sell them yourself. 🙂

  9. These are great! Love the fabrics too. Been thinking about this, but haven’t gotten to it yet. Thanks for the reminder!

  10. blueskyhi

    We’ve been using the tupperware boxes and containers that are reusable and they’ve always come back.

    I’ve been using the same ones for 3 years, but when these are worn out I’m thinking those lunch bags are great especially if they come with a Star Wars theme.

  11. syd

    I’m worried that I’m so behind on posts I might be commenting on something that you cover in a later post… but have you thought about doing these on your etsy site? I would love to buy a couple…

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