Friday Night Photo

I had photography class on Wednesday night.  We basically talked about aperture, shutter speed, ISO etc. The real education will come when I take my camera out and experiment with these options over the weekend.  My nemesis is low light.  Horrible, horrible indoor, low light.  Will work on this.  Tonight I took this picture in the complete dark in my living room with no flash.  I’m getting there.  It’s a learning process.  I thought I would share a few details of the photo.


1.  My computer. Or my extra appendage.  I was a reluctant convert to Apple, and now I would never go back.

2. My music.   While I wrote this blogpost, my Itunes went from Blues Traveler, to Bob Marley, to Brett Dennen to Brooks & Dunn to Colbie Caillet to Coldplay to Colin Hay.  Very obviously I have an eclectic taste in music, and it’s almost always on when I’m in the house.  Music seems to always be the  background to my life.  Or perhaps I am afraid of the quiet.

3.  NorvelleHimself, my step-father’s new blog.  He showed it to me tonight.  So far he has posted pictures from life on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, where they have a summer home.  The girls and I are planning a trip there next summer.  It’s 23 hours away.  It’s been about nine years since I’ve been there, and I ache to go back.  I love that my family is blogging.  My Aunt sent me a link a couple of weeks ago as well, she started a blog for her English as A Second Language class as a part of their computer literacy.  I love seeing their progress as they start to master a very difficult language indeed.  They are adults and they have wonderful comments about their life here and what they miss about their homelands.  I am not posting a link as she is using this for classroom purposes, but so glad she shared it with me.

4.  A glass of Root1 Cabernet Sauvignon, it’s a Friday night ritual, a reward after a long week.

5.  Notecards still sitting on my computer desk from a package I mailed out to blog friends this week.  I have a whole drawer full of cards upstairs in my bedroom.  Never underestimate the power of a handwritten note in the mailbox.

6.   A back issue of Living Crafts magazine.  I pulled it out to check into certain types of wool for a project I am planning for the family for Christmas.  I continue to be a failed knitter, but this one project I think I can handle.  Handmade Christmas for family, children excluded.  It’s right around the corner you know.

7.  The computer remote control.  It’s been a rough week.  Don’t know why.  Girls and I were all testy, back ached, work was rough.  I’ve never been a television person, but I have discovered a few shows I really, really like, so I’ve been watching them in the evenings on the computer after the girls go to bed.  I have been anti-television but I’ve been relishing nights, curled up in a quilt with the remote catching up on new episodes of Glee and House, apparently I like shows with one word titles.

So that’s it in a nutshell.  My week in a snapshot.  Hoping yours was a good one.



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8 responses to “Friday Night Photo

  1. Mon

    My indoor pics are often quite awful, and I have a degree with photography major! lol

    Woking with great equipment as opposed to a cheap digital camera makes a world for difference. Thank goodness for Photoshop.

  2. I would love to go to Cape Breton Island. We are thinking about doing a family trip out east next summer. Now, wouldn’t that be funny if we were there at the same time?

    I agree with you about the power of a handwritten note in the mail. My grandma used to say, “everyone loves to get mail” and I think she is totally right.

    The wine. On a Friday night. I hear ya!

    Have a fantastic weekend.


  3. This post made me smile. I like the feel of it–wrapping up the week like that.

  4. man, I didn’t have any wine last night – I was out. I did watch Project Runway – the girls and I watch it together. And, I was in bed by 9:30. Glad no one took a picture of that! Happy Weekend!

  5. Lovely light. So glad to hear you are enjoying your photography classes! Hope you had a lovely weekend..

  6. I really want to take a photography class. You are inspiring me to do so! Maybe this winter when the farm is sleeping. That photo you took in the dark came out really good……real clear! Thanks for the inspiration and I hope you are enjoying a relaxing weekend!
    Love, Sara

  7. Couldn’t agree more about the power of a hand-written note in the mailbox. I used to be good at sending out notes; not so much anymore due to technology. I should start doing that again.

  8. Calum

    Claire and I have been watching Glee, awesome show, even though the lip-syncing gets a bit off sometimes

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