Christmastime.  Every year I say I will be more prepared and less stressed.

There are 70 days…..


In the book I’m reading (and loving) See You In A Hundred Years, they are living life as in the year 1900.  The author made a handcarved Huck Finn raft for his son and a carved pair of black walnut chopsticks for his wife.  They gave homemade baked and canned goods to their friends and family.

A few years ago I read Bill McKibbon’s Hundred Dollar Holiday.  In the spirit of preparation I am thinking of reading it again.  Interested to know if anyone else has read this?  I’m somehow thinking $100 is not going to make it for me with children, but again, I think we can keep things simple and beautiful this year.



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9 responses to “Coming…

  1. Per your recommendation, I’m reading “See You…” and loving it as well.

    We working toward having a homemade, handmade Christmas this year. It’s taking a lot more organization and forethought, but I know it will be worth it. But goodness, even handmade can get expensive, can’t it?

    Thinking of you, my friend!

  2. When we were in California over the summer I bought and wrapped all our presents for that contingent. It felt really weird wrapping in August! But Scottish hubby is really pleased we’ll be saving on shipping costs!

  3. I haven’t read McKibben’s book, but I have read his essay(s) on the same topic. I am very drawn to his idea emotionally and philosophically; applying it takes more work. But I’m trying…

  4. please, I’m not ready to talk about Christmas. My kids are asking for $100 items. I keep telling them – are you sure because that will be like one present only under the tree which will make for a real fast christmas morning.

  5. Christmas is not my favorite holiday…the commercialization is overwhelming. I would LOVE to simplify…but somehow I get sucked into it year after year. I think it’s because my immediate family is quite into materialistic things…not that I am NOT…but I am willing to make changes…a cool thrift find…something handmade…a price limit…draw names…something to cut costs. But…they never go for it. So…I just do what I can and call it a holiday. Makes it very stressful…and not fun…at all.

    Ooo…is someone grumpy this morning?!

  6. Added your book to my “winter reading project” list. Thanks! Can’t wait to read it. Have you read ‘An American Childhood’ by Annie Dillard? For some reason I just thought of it. Going to read it again this winter. My mom went to summer camp with Annie as a kid. I probably like it because it is about growing up in Pittsburgh as a kid in the 1950’s, but it is a lovely book!

  7. Got the “Hundred dollar holiday” at the library.
    I always feel overwelmed by Christmas. Maybe this will help.
    Thank you for the recomendation Jennifer.

  8. lol I just wrote a book here and then erased it, too looong! will have to send an email : ) My neighbor just loaned me a book “goat song” I thought of you!

  9. both books sound good! every christmas i think about a little house book we read (not one of the main series, but a spin-off for younger readers) when the girls received an orange and a length of ribbon for christmas – and they were thrilled! if only….(and thanks for the reminder that i only have 70 days to start making secret surprises).

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