Hello Woolly.

I found a friend when clearing the (out of control) herb garden.  Woolly stayed to play, and if the folklore holds true, we are in for a mild winter .  I always look forward to finding the first Woolly of the year and never fail to take my yearly first Woolly Bear caterpillar picture.  They are the most lovable and (maybe it’s just in my head) friendliest of caterpillars.





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6 responses to “Hello Woolly.

  1. sweet photos : )
    we have not found one yet, yikes that must mean lots of cold and snow… we had our first snow and now frost each morning, brrr
    Enjoy your weekend : )

  2. Oh my gosh…it doesn’t even look real!

  3. blueskyhi

    What a great name for a caterpillar. I hope the folk lore is true with your mild winter.

    We have furry caterpillars here but if you touch them they give a sting a bit like poison ivy. Everything is Aus bites or stings so our kids are well trained on just looking and never touching.

  4. Liz

    oh I love woolly bears! but I saw a big fat one that was solid black the other day….we’ll have to see which one wins out as far as the weather prediction goes!

  5. OOHHHH i want a woolly to play with!!! love it 🙂

    hey chicky, look i’m blogging! ha ha

    missed your sweet blog

  6. bluesky– i have heard that about Australia, tis a shame!

    liz- well, considering you are only an hour away, i doubt our weather would be that different, darn unpredictable caterpillars!

    lizzie- my oh my, welcome back! thank goodness i still kept up with you on facebook!

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