From the orchard.

Apple Crock Pot

Applesauce beginning.


Good partners:  Apples & Lemons


Apple Puff Pancake:  Did the super puff????   Was dee-lish though.

See the tablecloth, my Grandmom made it for me, Saturday afternoon!

Baked Pie

Pie on the Fly:  Yes, that is a Pet-Ritz frozen crust, but made up for it with the Oat & Honey, Dried Berries, Walnut & Brown Sugar topping.

No idea, how much of each I used, as usual.

It was cold and rainy all weekend… I baked.



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8 responses to “Apples.

  1. love that first picture. well, all of them actually. Would you believe that I accidently bought some apples from New Zealand and I live in Washington?

    I should be shot for crying out loud!!

  2. I’m cracking up at Denise’s comment…read those labels!

    The last two look so yummy..the puff and the crumb topping pie…I love anything crumb!

  3. blueskyhi

    I’m not an apple person at all but I think I’ve just been converted!

    Denise – I’m a Kiwi and I reckon that’s cool that you brought NZ apples. You can be guaranteed that they’re not GM ones.

  4. That pie looks to die for yummy. Love that topping. It’s ok that it’s a Pet-Ritz pie shell. Once in a while a girl needs a break, right? That tablecloth is lovely too; perfect for the season.

    Denise is making me laugh…

  5. Looks so yummy…
    -such rustic goodness.

  6. Mmm… yum! Everything looks so great!
    Your photos are beautiful and I love your sweet tablecloth : )

  7. Everything looks delicious! How great that your Mom makes you tablecloths!

  8. Apples. Baking. All of it. DE-lish!!

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