With My Girl


Ems has been having a rough time.  Problems with eating and her stomach.  Anxiety?  Maybe.  She is a very sensitive little creature.  Takes a little after her mother.  So she’s been nibbling.  Dropping pounds.  Not sleeping much.  Have been keeping a close eye on her.  She slept horrible Monday night.  Rough time getting her up for school on Tuesday.  So I sent her back to sleep in my nest in my bed.  Called work.  Stayed home to take care of my girl.  Made her breakfast, watched her closely all day.  It’s been so long since we had a day to ourselves.  We love Boo Monkey, but it was so very peaceful just the two of us home together.  My gentle girl.


So that morning I was perusing Little Alouette.  Because I LOVE them and I just realized I FINALLY know someone having a baby who might be in need of one of their beautiful little natural wooden teethers.  (Bestest friend Liz can let me know which she likes or I can choose, I have a lot of favorites).  So on their blog, I saw this post about making little hearts to give to someone you love.  And I knew she needed one.  She could use a small heart with a whole lot of love inside.  So we broke open the craft cabinet and we sat side by side and we cut and we stitched.


I think I like her heart better, but we each put kisses into both, so no bother.


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12 responses to “With My Girl

  1. Liz

    Love that website! They’re all so nice! Sorry to hear Ems is still having a rough time of it. Lilli had many of the same issues around her age as well. We went through about every prescription antacid before figuring out that it was nerves, not physical. But what a wonderful day you had! Sometimes, just some one on one time with Mom can make all the difference in the world. And I love both hearts!

  2. I love the hearts. I love your heart the most as it cares so much for your daughter’s heart.

  3. Sometimes it’s the one-on-one time that they need most. I’m sure it did the both of you a world of good. Darling hearts. Hope Ems is doing better.

  4. You brought tears to my eyes…you truly are such a loving, attentive mom. Your girls are blessed to have you…and vice versa! I’m sure being able to cozy up in mom’s nest was just the ticket…I snuggle my boys in our bed, too when they’re not feeling well…even my 14 year-old! He’s still a big baby when he’s sick, right?

    The hearts are so sweet…I love them both. They would be cute hanging on your Christmas tree!

  5. Slow days like these are the best, although I am hoping that Em feels better.. please tell her that if we could send hugs through the mail she would have a box full waiting to be opened on the porch!

    Sweet hearts!

  6. Ems is a lucky little girl.

    I love the heart idea and think I will make one for each of my girls.

    Tricia 🙂

  7. So heartfelt.
    Very nice that you could spend some time together, fills you up!…and to do some crafts, these hearts are so sweet.

  8. It is beautiful that you did this project together, many warm wishes to you and your sweet girls!

  9. Sorry to hear that Ems is off colour. My Em is a sensitive soul too and we’re having some major issues with her right now. The love and sensitivity you show towards your Ems has brought tears to my eyes and made me realise that I’ve somehow got locked into a dark place with my Em and allowed intolerance and impatience to seep in which will itself be fuelling the “issues”.
    I need to draw a line under my recent harshness. Going to sew some love into a heart before she comes home from school tonight.

    You are an amazing Mama!


  10. Wishing Ems love. You are wonderful to keep her home and spend the day with her. Wishing her well and big hearts to you both…

  11. Ohhh, I love the hearts. What a wonderful project to do together…

  12. amy

    yr such a beautiful person! xoxoxo Thanks for spreading the love! xoxo

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