October Everywhere


Gotten a Mimi yet from Michelle‘s shop?

Or one of these cute little tiles from robotcandy?


Very, very dirty windows.


Gathered pine cones, free centerpieces.


Hello, Mr. Bones!

He’s been with us for some time.  Ems is finally not afraid of him.


Rottingly disgusting jack o’ lanterns.



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8 responses to “October Everywhere

  1. Hooray for Hallow-weenie. I’ve been meaning to get a Mimi…

    Jacko’s – grrrrr grrrrr….

  2. Yay…the Mimi Witch looks so cute…er…I mean…scary…verrry scary…on your windowsill! Not to mention right at home. Thank you so much for the advertising…you rule! I love Mr. Bones…we have a pumpkin face that fits over the porch light just perfectly that we’ve had for years, too…I still love it. And I think I got it at the Dollar Store! Worth every penny…lol!

  3. okay, Mimi is cute! your decor looks great.

    p.s. – thanks for the very nice comment – I just posted again! I’m slightly addicted.

  4. Mimi is cute. But please tell me where/what that adorable square to the left of her could be? The one with the squirrels and the tree and the little wee red barn?

  5. It’s all very cute. We haven’t carved jacko’s this year and the girls haven’t even said a word about it…could they be past that?

  6. Hah…I had to laugh..it almost like “bone guy” (my 4 yr old calls them this) is giving the thumbs up!

    The witchy mim is so cuute. Love your vignets…your home has such a cozy & seasonal ambience.

  7. ok, the tile is from etsy of course, the seller is robotcandy. i’ll put a link on the post.

    and leigh, hallow-weenie…snicker, snicker.

    i think the jack o’s are going soon, with all the rain they are a nasty gnarly mess now.

  8. Ooh, the tiles are lovely! Thanks for stopping by my place today! I enjoyed your comments very much.

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