Happy Halloween.

Halloween 2009.1

Halloweeen 2009.2

Halloween 2009.3


Halloween 2009.4

Halloween 2009.5

Halloween 2009.6

Halloween 2009.7


Halloween 2009.9



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14 responses to “Happy Halloween.

  1. blueskyhi

    Oh, your girls looked gorgeous. I love the pink bows and the striped tights. But how do you control all that sugar intake??

  2. your girls are so cute…their costumes look wonderful!

  3. Liz

    They are just too cute!!!!

  4. they have a grotesque amount of candy, but it’s usually not a problem, in all honesty i end up throwing out or giving away most of it because they never eat it. they’re just not big candy eaters (luckily) usually they just want the chocolate.

  5. They look adorable!! It’s not cool to go out anymore says my oldest (14), so he passed out candy. It’s the first time we have passed out candy at the house in 14 years. We always went out trick or treating. We have half a bowl of candy left, and that will be going to work tomorrow, cause it ain’t stayin’ here, lol.

  6. This is great! They look so adorable in their costumes. Halloween is such fun.. Hope they had a wonderful time!!

  7. very fun. my kids are trading candy at this very moment.

  8. i know ems has sorted hers four times now, by different categories and by color!

  9. Very stylish witches…and they definitly know how to strike a pose.
    Happy belated Halloween.

  10. What cute witches! Hope they had a great evening and scored lots of loot.

  11. Great costumes that your sweet girls are wearing…….I love that 2nd photo!!!!

  12. What Darling girls! I have enjoyed catching up around these parts. hope you are well.

  13. Oh my, the cutest witches in the blogsphere!


  14. thems some cute witches! (said in southern drawl)
    Looks like great fun!

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