A Short Weekend and Another Week

There was a lot of Halloween and a lot of ceiling painting (uggh) and now this Momma is just plain beat.  Usually I run around like crazy on Sunday trying to clean up the detritis from all three of us being home all weekend (yes, I’ll admit to being a major contributor), but today at 1:32pm I’ve decided to pack it in. I’m off to grab a cup of tea and settle down on the couch to go through some vintage church cookbooks and copy some recipes from a library cookbook and I may not get back up.  Well, except to make a meatloaf, but I’m the Momma so my choice.  This will mean I will be making up time this week because it’s all a trade off really.  Perhaps, a wordless Wednesday all week, ha, as if.





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4 responses to “A Short Weekend and Another Week

  1. I’ve just come in from raking leaves for the last two hours. I’m about to join you on the couch – make room for me : )

  2. I’m with you. I’m done for the day. Roast chicken & potatoes in the oven. I’m off to relax with my book.

    We started stripping wallpaper today in our master bath. Horrible job. Will be a long process.

  3. I threw it in yesterday and went to the library. It was great. Came home with a stack. Poured a bath and stayed up half the night reading of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s life and wonderful history of knitting. Sometimes you just have to throw in the towel. Now as for today.. I have some serious cleaning to do! : )) Have a great week.. We’re having left-over soup for dinner… wish you could come over with the girls…

  4. blueskyhi

    I worked awful hours all weekend and it always seems to steal my motivation for the rest of the week.

    I’m glad you decided to take the restful option. It’s amazing how a little rest can go a long way.

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