Solo Baking

So, really I’m a copycat because D posted about her daughter’s solo run, but reading that nudged me that Ems has been asking to do a solo bake, so I let her do it Sunday.  She chose chocolate chip cookies since we seem to make them a lot around here and she’s helped me quite a few times, so she was familiar. I do make kick butt chocolate chip cookes, it’s true.  Secret:  Do the Nestle toll house recipe and add another 1/2 cup flour to make them chunky and thick, not runny and flat.


First she read me the ingredient list and we compiled everything she would need on the table, then the measuring spoons and cups, bowls and wooden spoon.  We talked about the measures and what they meant that a capital T meant Tablespoon and a little t meant teaspoon.  That 3/4 cup brown sugar meant 3- 1/4 cups and packed meant “I know Mommy, smush it in”.


I tried to stay out of the way and be as unobtrusive as possible.  I tried to not give hints or help as much as I possibly could.  This was VERY, VERY hard.


I’m not sure about the bindi on the forehead.  No particuliar significance, Ems likes to add a bit of glamour here and there and ignore the dropcloths in the background, we painted all the downstairs ceilings all day the day before, yes, Halloween day.  Notice the look of concentration.


In the end she did everything herself, with some pointers from Mama, crack the eggs first in another bowl so you can fish any shell out, put a towel under the bowl so it won’t slip, never pull the beaters out while they are still running, put the dough in the refrigerator before baking so they don’t spread.  She did good my girl, the first run were a bit odd shaped and a few ran together, the second tray were just about perfect.  This, this right here, is what I want to give my daughters.  Memories of time in the kitchen, a knowledge of the kitchen and cooking and baking.  How to make real food, from scratch.  The importance of food and family.  Of nourishment and love.




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12 responses to “Solo Baking

  1. I’m going to have to remember to try that! I also like to use about half the amount of chocolate chips. I love chocolate, but I like the juxtaposition of salty and sweet more. Too many chocolate chips diminishes that effect.

  2. good job mama! we really should say that we homeschool – we teach our girls everyday.

  3. How great that your daughter is getting her hands dirty in the kitchen. Every once in awhile my youngest will venture into the kitchen with me. There are times when my friends with daughters tell me about their kitchen time with their girls and I have to admit, I get a bit jealous, lol. Enjoy every minute.

  4. Thank you for sharing the secret. I always see the cookies looking so chunky and delish…and as you said …runny and flat is always the result I get with that recipe.
    It gets easier to let go. Jules is a master at 14 in the kitchen and Sophia 11 is right on his heels…they will mess up and burn things but I think that is part of baking…I know I still do.
    Love how your daughter is consentrating.
    Please tell her that her cookies look so good and I so enjoyed watching her bake.

  5. Yeah for Ems! She did great. I love her apron and the mixing bowl. I hope to remember your secret next time I make them — I want big & chunky cookies. Yum.

  6. Just as an added note. We use the Nestle recipe from the chocolate chip bag, but recently switched to Ghiradelli bittersweet baking chips and like Jenni said we cut some of the chips. We like dark chocolate better. If you add the extra flour you won’t be able to beat it with a hand mixer, you’ll burn the mixer up it’s so thick, but worth it in the end as far as I’m concerned, and lastly putting the dough in the refrigerator is a must, perfect for those thick cookies. Now I’m off to find the perfect thick peanut butter cookie recipe…oh and by the way, I discovered all this by accident after getting distracted and putting too much flour in one day, lol.

    Oh and I made that apron for Boo’s last birthday, isn’t it cute, poor Ems had to wear it because I haven’t done hers yet…..must get on that.

    • I have the perfect peanut butter cookie recipe!!! Do you want it? It makes lovely soft peanut butter cookies that stay soft. I’ve not share it at Vanilla Icing but I’ll send it to you on request =) if you want to try it.

      The cookies look great! And I bet they taste even better. (I’m a ghiradelli chocolate chip person myself too). I love that you let Ems do her thing in the kitchen. I think it’s so easy to want to hover and jump in and so much more difficult to resist that feeling.

      Maia’s outgrown the apron her grandmother made her and needs a new one–did you use a pattern for the one you made or did you just improvise? I’m pretty sure I could handle sewing an apron.

  7. the cookies look perfect! I love them thick like that…and now I know the secret. THANK YOU. I love the look of concentration…that is priceless.

  8. You’re so very right: Kitchen memories sustain us as much as the food we make. They last a lifetime.

    Such a beautiful post!

  9. blueskyhi

    Yum and done solo by one budding chef. Both my boys love cooking but still only at the assisting stage as I’m not quite ready to let my 8yo son alone in the kitchen.

    Thanks for the fridge tip I never knew that 🙂

  10. Mon

    VERY groovy! Love seeing kids in the kitchen like that. I look forward to having my girl do things with flour.

  11. Yum! What a good job your little lady did!

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