Again With The Lunch

So, the lunch tirade has not been forgotten.

Tonight we went to dinner with my father. We went to a real restaurant where the kids could get real food even though we had to drive a lot farther to get there.  Then they ordered off the regular menu, because if you have kids then you know that kids menus are crap.  Since when did macaroni and cheese become a main dish?  Okay, so yeah, there have been times I could eat macaroni and cheese as a main dish, and yeah, well keep it real, there have been a few times I have, but I digress.

Sitting at the table waiting for our food, Ems who is sitting next to me says, “Grandad, listen to this”.  Then she goes into her whole thing about the school lunches that I posted about earlier. The whole thing about sandwiches and horrible tasting food and can’t they serve something besides cheeseburgers and Boo is cutting in “Well, they do give out oranges, or salads”.

Ems sat there and she said, “If I wasn’t so shy, I would start a petition”.

If I didn’t already love this girl with more than every ounce of my soul before, I certainly do now.  My mother called her, my little activist.


The activist herself, at a Heifer International fundraiser last year.

She won’t do a petition.  She is sooooo incredibly shy.  But she wants to do something.  So we are going to do something.  We’re going to research, she and I.  We’re going to find out more about the school lunch program and at the very least, this little girl is going to write some letters.

Because she has something to say.  And by God it’s a good thing to say.  And I want her to grow up with a voice.  Because this is a topic that needs a lot of voices.



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14 responses to “Again With The Lunch

  1. Love this! And good for her!

  2. Good for her! She’s got support in California…

  3. C

    Yea, you! Teach that daughter to speak up!! C

  4. Liz

    There’s a lot of information about the food provided to the schools by the USDA, and the school lunch program in general, in Fast Food Nation. I have if you want to borrow….

  5. Hurray for Ems! This post made me smile. Look to your local health district (if you have one; every state is different) and see if they have a program that will work with schools to create healthier options for the lunchroom.

  6. I’ll sign the petition. Pass it over. Go Emily. You can do it!!

    We must be the change – or something like that I can’t remember the rest : )

  7. greenwhisper

    : )) big smiles here too.. that was so refreshing to read x

  8. Go Emily! If we can support you let us know!
    Jennifer, I was just saying last night that kids menus stink… just awful and they always have french fries on the side.. always.

  9. How can one feed the future generation crap?
    I don’t get it.
    …aren’t we smarter then that?

    I think it is awesome she has something to say….!
    Where’s a pen, I’ll sign.

  10. That’s one powerful young girl there! We need her voice.

  11. Gie that girl a high five for me! Sometimes kids can make changes easier than adults ~ ~ good for her for trying.

  12. Good! I like that kinda attitude! You go girl!!

  13. Miranda

    This is awesome. Makes me grin, actually. It’s terrible, because when I read hte other post about this topic, I immediately realized there was a great, resource-filled article for parents to lobby for school lunch makeovers in some parenting magazine about a year ago. It might have been the, now-defunct, Wondertime…not sure. I know I once owned it, so I will try to locate it yet. I do like this site, though, and it may be helpful to you in your mission: Keep up the good work, raising brilliant, civic-minded young ladies. : )

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