Wordless Wednesday: This Tea Cup Gets Around





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13 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: This Tea Cup Gets Around

  1. I love that cup -blends so beautifully with nature.

  2. That so looks like a tea cup that would be in my cupboard. If you lived around the corner, I know we’d be sharing tea time.

  3. I’m thinking that tea might have a little milk in it? I love tea with milk…and honey! Mmm…especially Earl Grey…so yummy. Beautiful photos, too…xox

  4. Mon

    Totally my sort of cup – earthy, rustic, cosy. You could chip it and it would likely make it more charming.

  5. Lisa, yes now we would, with apple crisp and granola!!

    Michelle-good call! Earl Grey Creme and English Breakfast mix with a little milk and honey. We have a great tea store in town.

  6. That is a beautiful mug! It looks like just the right size, shape (slightly curved lip), and heft. I’m very picky about mugs. My family makes fun of me for it, LOL. That one looks perfect, though. Did someone you know make it, or is it store bought?

  7. Jenni- I bought from a local potter couple who are about an hour from here. They do all their own work and have just one little storefront. Their stuff is fantastic.

  8. Love it! So glad I am not the only one toting my cup around in the woods. Although, my favorite cup is not so “woodsy” looking. Love your cup in the moss. …sigh… don’t you just love moss??

  9. it fit’s right in with the wonderful outdoors. but, I’d like a warm non fat vanilla latte in it instead : )

  10. Mom

    It must be a family trait. Steve and I find our teacups in the most unlikely places and even with a cupboardfull of cups we will look and look for “our cup” before pouring the next one. I never microwave leftover tea, but Steve’s is quite often sitting full and once again cold in the microwave when we find it!

  11. sue

    such an inviting tea cup.. beautiful earthy pics 🙂

  12. What pretty photographs! Green is my favorite color!

  13. beautiful cup o’ nature. 😉

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