She was smaller than the cat when I brought her home.  Now the husky in her pulls all of us about and through the woods after multitudes of smells.  She has given me too many headaches to count, destroyed one sofa, eaten unmentionables, devoured Godiva chocolates, left puppy sized piles of fur all over the house, escaped way too many times to count, swam nearly across a river and wrapped every man that comes into contact with her around her little finger so to speak.

She is almost eleven years old now and as much as I whine and complain, I know she loves me unconditionally and I will always, always love her back.



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8 responses to “Abby

  1. Oh my goodness…that face! She is so CUTE! Reggie leaves clumps of his fur all over the place too…it drives me CRAZY. It’s a good thing he’s cute, too!

  2. Liz

    They do make you crazy, but all that love is worth it!

  3. Mom

    I remember we worried when Emily was born, because Abby was so rambunctious and we didn’t know how she would be with the baby, but she walked over beside where tiny baby Emily was laying and very gently put one of her doggy toys beside her as a gift.

  4. so sweet. dogs are truly a mans best friend. our dog is ailing. she is 15 years old. her hips are no longer supporting her. she is falling all over the place. yet, it pains me to put her down as her sweet spirit has not been affected. she continues to wag her tail and do her best to lick the dirty plates in the dishwasher. My prayer is that she will go in her sleep.

    your doggie is very cute.

  5. mom- i know and she used to follow me all around the house and bark at me when Emily was crying until I went and got her.

  6. Oh, she looks so wise. Beautiful dog. I had to laugh at the Godiva…that dog has good taste!

  7. blueskyhi

    Obviously your dog loves you as much as you do. Dogs and Mamas both love unconditionally.

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