First Frost

A light frost was covering everything this morning.  First thing, Saturday mornings, Abby and I walk the path through the woods, although now it is a long cotton nightgown with a wool cardigan sweater and hood rather than the breezy cottons of summer.  The green cup o’ tea even more welcome in my hand.  As is usual I return Abby to the house and head back out with the camera.

frost teepee

Frost all around the girl’s teepee in the backyard.  They made it themselves.

One evening while I cooked dinner.

frost grass

Frost in the grass.

frost grass 2

Frost turning the “starry night” moss to a dull color and texture.

frost moss

frost leaf1

And a frosty “sugar coating” to the newly fallen leaves.

frost leaf 2



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8 responses to “First Frost

  1. You have a beautiful backyard! The perfect spot for a teepee:)! Lovely photos of your magic frost.

  2. Your photos are really great! I love them.

    I will have to show my girls the tee pee that your girls made. They will want to make one too, I am sure.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

  3. blueskyhi

    I’ve never thought of frost as anything but cold and crunchy. You and your photography skills put such a beautiful spin on the most simpliest of things.

    One question – You’re still a month away from winter so how cold does it get????

  4. you are so lucky to have those woods so close by. I am needing to venture further away from my backyard with my camera. My backyard is getting boring. Yet, I am still camera shy.

  5. Love.
    Sugar coated yes, magical.

    Nothing more perfect that a cotton night gown and wool cardigan.

  6. Love the teepee. What I love even more is that you take a morning stroll in your jammies and hoodie.

  7. How beautiful!!! Was it really your first frost? Oh my!….we’ve been frosty for so long already!
    I hope your weekend was great!
    love, Sara

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