Oh! Pioneer

You read Pioneer Woman already, don’t you?  Tell me you read Pioneer Woman?  I had, but then hadn’t for awhile.  Then I realized her cookbook (drool, swoon) had just come out.  Just a few days before I visited and I wanted it, oh I wanted it, but I’m trying to control my spending and acquiring, and the cookbook bookcase is full, yes, you read that right cookbook bookcase.

But then I walked into the library, I’m trying to find a new book to rival the goodness of the last one and I breeze by the NEW BOOKS section and there it is, brand spanking new, on the shelf staring out at me:



You know what I love…..

I love the not so simple simple life.  I love recipes made from the heart.  I love some really, really good cattle pictures, for real.  And I love when someone can start a blog, become famous and still not apologize and still seem 100% real deal.  I love they took a bajillion photos of her for the cover and she had her hubby take this one of her in her real kitchen.

You know what I think….

I think there must be a real deal cowboy out there who’s looking for a girl to cook sweet meals and raise wild children?  Right?  Cattle are optional, goats are a necessity.





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8 responses to “Oh! Pioneer

  1. I used to read Pioneer Woman regularly but I don’t anymore. Have seen her cookbook but haven’t read it yet. I love that your ‘cookbook bookcase’ is full. I did read The Frugal Foodie Cookbook this weekend while I was laid up on the couch.

  2. I don’t read PW. She is super human. I only relate to humans.

  3. I do read PW…and I’ve been fighting the urge to buy her cookbook…not sure how long I can hold out!!

    And yes…I totally think there’s a cowboy out there just waiting to meet someone who wants to raise goats…xoxox

  4. How have I missed this? Thanks..
    Off to lasso your links now..

  5. Love Denise’s comment. Pretty much what I was thinking but didn’t know how to say it.

  6. blueskyhi

    Looks like a very interesting blog so I may have to take a look at it. I really like the photo on her book so natural and so normal!

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