Rooster! In The Backyard!

We had a visitor on Saturday.  I walked out the side door to take out the compost and saw him dashing around the corner of the garage.  I bolted inside to get the camera and the girls.  He seemed to have come across the road (insert joke) and I followed him around trying to get a good picture.  Excuse me, chicken ladies, how do you ever get pictures of your hens?  Or is it just roosters?  This guy sure didn’t stop to pose.

Rooster 1

Rooster 2

He even invaded the girl’s tree fort.  I don’t think he was pleased, they haven’t been out there to clean out since the leaves fell, so he just kept going.  He stopped now and again to let out a great big “COCK A DOODLE DOO” (you know it doesn’t really sound like that, but you get it).

Rooster 3

Rooster 4

I left him here at the back end of the lot because I didn’t want him wandering back into the woods.  God knows, what could get him back there.

Rooster 5

Rooster 6


Excuse me, Mr. Rooster, best to stay on your own side of the road, though we did enjoy your visit.  Now, let’s talk about hens.


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8 responses to “Rooster! In The Backyard!

  1. taking a picture of chickens is next to impossible. They may be dumb but they are smart enough to not pose or stay in one place very long as they don’t like their picture taken.

  2. This is hysterical! I guess the girls are more vain so they stop for a pose now and then…and obviously, roosters are on the move looking for the ladies!!

  3. Loved this whole sequence. Cute rooster.

  4. too funny. I love the captions. I left a little “award” for you on my blog.

  5. The captions crack me up! Hopefully he finds/found his way home.

    Last week when I tried to get pictures of my brother’s hens they kept turning their backs on me – I guess they’re shy (or maybe just uncooperative).

  6. HA!! Love it! Silly rooster.. Send him my way would ya? Lois would love that handsome fella…

  7. Hey is that my rooster? Mine ran away the other day! He answers to Elvio……and when he crows it sounds like “hola Elvio!”

  8. blueskyhi

    What a great bunch of piccys made even better by the captions. I have no chicken experience and don’t even eat eggs so can’t help with posing chicken problems.

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