Simple Pleasures: Mail From Friends

Nothing makes a long day better to coming home to a card, a note or a package from a friend, especially a friend who is too far away to join for a tea, a coffee or a walk.   Nothing says “friend” like a handwritten note in the mailbox.  I was lucky enough to have three notes, a jar of huckleberry jam, a peanut butter cookie recipe and this jar of honey find their way to my address this week.

Sarah, you and your bees are extraordinary partners, blessed to call you Friend.


My friends, if you are in my address book, look for a note coming soon.



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3 responses to “Simple Pleasures: Mail From Friends

  1. so true. the honey looks so sweet.

  2. I love snail mail from friends and family. Always brings a smile to my face.

  3. Lucky you…! The honey is beautiful… Try some with Earl Grey tea and a little milk…delicious! I agree with you…there is nothing better than something handwritten in the mailbox…wonderful. Have a blessed day! xox

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