WW: Moving In Together





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13 responses to “WW: Moving In Together

  1. This brought a huge smile to my face this morning.

  2. Mon

    Cute! Is that a hand-made quilt? Looks lovely.

  3. my girls share a room. that second picture is price – less. frame it. blow it up. put it in your wallet. it is that good.

  4. I love it when my girls decide to have a sleepover – together. It makes me smile.

  5. So sweet…and a good way to keep warm!

  6. syd

    Oh my heavens that is the sweetest thing.

  7. As an only child this warms my heart more than you’ll ever know…

  8. Okay….that is just too dang cute! What sweet sisters!!

  9. That room looks lovely. Even if I tried ours wouldn’t look like that (and I’m talking to the adorable sleeping girls).

  10. So sweet! Mine just moved into their own rooms, but I expect they will end up bunking together frequently.

  11. Cuties. Love the stickers. Decorated Miss M’s room like that and she loves it.

  12. I have 2 boys who presently share a room, it never seems to be this sweet. 🙂 Love the rooster post… 🙂

  13. What an utterly pretty rainbow room, I love it, what beautifl girls! I love it when siblings share sleep 🙂


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