Wordless Wednesday: Fade To Brown



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11 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Fade To Brown

  1. okay, really? those pictures are so perfect. wow. you are getting really good with the camera.

  2. I agree, you are really getting good with the camera.
    Very nice light and compostion.

  3. these photos are amazing…gorgeous. Brown is one of my favorite colors…

    I’ve been trying to appreciate each seasons colors…I’ve always looked forward to spring and all of the greens. And I like the browns and oranges of autumn, too… I even like the gray of winter…possibly my favorite. Summer has always been the struggle..everything around our area turns a pale, dead yellow. BUT, I started calling it “gold”…like “golden waves of grain”..and it really turned my outlook right around!

    Now…off to play with my camera…I’m inspired! (And NOT wordless, as you can see…!)

  4. Change of seasons is definitely visible. Nice photos by the way. Brown is a new fave of mine.

  5. great photos!
    still loving your blog, more than ever actually…i haven’t commented recently – just finding it so hard to fit everything in.

  6. You can say that again. Your pictures are lovely, but I am already thinking it will be SIX months before the green is out again. Sniff… I am trying to embrace the brown. really… trying…

  7. So gorgeous. With pictures like those, who needs words? I especially like the last 2 because they seem painterly to me.

  8. As much as I audibly complain about how everything is so BROWN here during winter, I can applaud your Fade to Brown – I love these photos! You’ve just inspired me to take some photos in Sepia – oh so artsy.

    I heart this blog.

  9. blueskyhi

    I’ve never seen boring brown look so serene and attractive. Once you’ve done your family photos is there any chance of ducking over here to do my family too???

  10. OMG!!! Totally the same wavelength for WW!! Love it! Your images are incredibly lovely!! Wowie!! Beautiful light!

  11. brigid

    beautiful. i am here, just quiet thanks.

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