A Message…

My Aunt posted this on Facebook last night.  It moved me.  Moved me to write my own message.  You may not need to think twice about what your own message is, I didn’t, but it does take some time to write it, backwards in mirror image with marker to photo booth on the computer.

Here is my message to the world.  It is a very simple one.  And here is a video full to make you feel……..something.  Everywhere you turn these days, there seems to be contention and hatred.  It’s nice to switch off the television or put down the paper and see messages like these.  Thank you Darcy, for sharing this with me.   What is your message to the world?  I would love for you to post yours, and then come back and let me know so I can see. And if you liked this one, watch the 2009 version here.



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4 responses to “A Message…

  1. Beautiful. I think I need to go write a message right now. Where’s my sharpie???

  2. Hmm. Not sure what my message would be. Will ponder that. Love your message.

  3. yeah, I’m still struggling with what my message would be as well. I was hoping to come back here and read some real inspiring ones.

  4. Awesome idea…. I’m going to do this. I’ve just got to figure out what my message is…. 🙂

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