Environmentals: Photo Assignment #2

This weeks challenge was to capture five family members or co-workers including yourself from an environmental standpoint.  I chose my five most immediate members, my children and my grandparents.  For the list of who is involved visit here.

My Grandmother

This is the view from her kitchen window.  Preparing food, cooking, cleaning up.    That window viewed directly out this window, is one of my kitchen windows.  I consider myself blessed beyond measure to see her through my window.  One night I caught my Grandfather kissing her in this window, they will celebrate their 64th wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks.

My Grandfather.

This photo is a few months old, I wrote about it here.  This is his favorite tractor, a gift from my Grandmother.  He is always busy, always doing something about the place.  Not sure what he would do without this machine to help him do all the things that must be done.  And he seems to have everything you might ever need in his garage.


This is Bear.  He was hers before she was born.  She cannot sleep without him.  He travels with us and occasionally goes on day excursions.  Notice the underwear on the bed.  She never puts away her socks and underwear.  She leaves them everywhere even hiding them in drawers rather than putting them in the hamper.


Has a two books in the bed rule.  How many times have I said, “Ems, you don’t NEED more than two books in your bed at a time“, yet somehow I have a hard time enforcing this rule.  Her teacher told me she is the only student in the class allowed to have three books in her desk at a time because “she actually is reading them all“, she said in amazement.


After some thought, this one sums me up.  My mind swimming in the thoughts of 1,000 projects and recipes. As hard as I attempt to organize myself, everything remains, half complete.



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14 responses to “Environmentals: Photo Assignment #2

  1. I have really enjoyed reading these posts! What a great assignment!

  2. I’m so glad to see that someone else makes piles. Very nice to have a “window” into your world. And many congratulations to your grandparents!

  3. Grandma and Grandpa a very special images and well-thought out. I love your piles picture. Clippings are great, but – oh – keeping track of what’s what.

  4. These are so great…I love that you can see your grandmother from your kitchen window! My grandparent’s were married for 69 years…I can’t even imagine…that is so amazing. And to think…they still kiss!!

    I couldn’t believe your photo…I have that same acorn pincushion idea tucked away, too! Why would I be surprised?!

  5. Oh I really love your photos! The story and pictures representing your grandparents is beautiful. My grandmother had a large bay window with prisms hung in it, so I can relate to the grandmother picture. And the tractor…a gift from her…soo cool. Baking and crafting..two of my favorites too!


  6. love the idea of a photo assignment. how does that work?

    and – I never noticed the underwear until you pointed them out : )

  7. Wonderful images! I love your stories too…..especially the ones of your grandparents!….Very very sweet!

  8. Brilliant photographs of your grandparents!
    I recognize myself in your own portrait 😉

    Have a wonderful sunday

  9. I love your grandparents’ portraits! Wonderful! How special to be just a window away!!

    Hah! I’m a piler, too…no flat space is safe from me!

    Happy weekend!

  10. Wonderful images they speak volumes. I enjoyed reading all the snippets. Your magazine clippings is something I can relate to- love it.
    Thank you for sharing a little part of your world.

  11. Wonderful, wonderful! I can look at the picture for your grandmother again and again.

  12. Hello! I am coming in late to tell you I LOVE your photos.
    Some special people in your life. Great photo of “you” as well. I have the same folder… I think we like the same patterns 🙂
    See you at next weeks workshop and I will be on time.

  13. Good morning, I can not tell you how very much I am enjoying your photographs. I was looking for you on Sunday. Sorry I am late to comment. I was out of town yesterday afternoon.
    Your photographs are more than beautiful. I am so inspired by your work. These images will be stuck in my mind like a good song running in the background of my consciousness. They are clear and crisp a thought provoking.
    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts in words. I am looking forward to seeing what you do next.


  14. blueskyhi

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I love your Grandmother’s picture and gorgeous Boo’s Bear.

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