James & Elijah

I snapped a couple of other portraits at my Mom’s on Sunday and thought I would share the family members who have replaced all of us children at home.  It seems there is not much I won’t take a picture of these days, but pets, my goodness, they are a challenge.

James.  He was my brother’s cat, who moved in with my parents when my brother graduated from college this year.  He is a very handsome cat and I love to follow him with the camera.  He has taken over the household in the little time he has been there.  When I walked through the door Sunday he was stretched out on a rug in front of the woodstove.

This is Elijah, though we all call him Eli.  He is one gigantic German Shepherd.  I have never cared for German Shepherds since I was bitten by one as a child, but Eli changed my mind about them.  Since he was a puppy he could bowl you over.  He just  leans on you and you kind of fall over.  He’s a big baby though, and very fond of my girls since we lived with him for a little while last year while this house was being built.

So, how come my own pets are never so well behaved when I have the camera?  A few comments and photos from the environmental portraits project reminded me how integral our pets are as members of our families.



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5 responses to “James & Elijah

  1. I was thinking the same thing when I was going through the environmental portraits workshop.. so who’s face is gracing the screen tomorrow? Yes… Winnie. She is always underfoot and so well loved.

    James is quite a cat.. and Eli very sweet looking as well.

  2. Eli has a very sweet face…and is James a Russian Blue? I had one years ago…Molly.

  3. I am highly allergic to cats…. so I love on dogs twice as much. Eli looks like a sweetie. OH, you should try taking a picture of a chicken. now, that is difficult.

  4. Such sweet faces! One cat…one dog…that’s what we have. Everytime I ask Oliver (dog) to “pose” for a photo he starts working on his droop dog look.

  5. I love the first picture of James..the green glowing eyes and the blue coloring. So cool. I was also bit by a german shepherd as a kid. I guess they have a bad rap that way, but with any dog, I’d assume if you are kind to it, it should turn out to be a kind animal.


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