1st Pumpkin Pie

I just realized tonight that I missed posting Ems first pumpkin pie.  She requested to make a dish for Thanksgiving.  I suggested pie.  I rolled out the bottom crust and showed her how to roll it on the rolling pin and off into the dish.  She made the filling, rolled out the top pastry, cut out the shapes, then placed and egg washed them.  I did the oven bit.   I made a blackberry with a granola topping, but it paled in comparison to hers.  I was outdone by my eight-year old natural baker.  Let’s see what she will make for Christmas….



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10 responses to “1st Pumpkin Pie

  1. okay, she just one upped Tallie. nice work.

  2. I think she needs to go to culinary school! Beautiful.

  3. Was it not the BEST pumpkin pie you ever had? It’s definitely the prettiest pumpkin I’ve seen…

    Happy Weekend Friend!

  4. Wow! What a beautiful pie! She is so lucky to have a momma who can bake with her.
    I wanted to comment on your last post…isn’t advent about spiraling inward…preparing the way…emptying and filling? I too feel the inward pull.
    Also, I’m having a giveaway on my blog…stop by!

  5. Grandmom

    Emily, this is beautiful! I heard it tasted great, too!

  6. That’s beautiful! I’ve always wanted to do the cute little leaves and such. Does she cut those by hand or are there adorable little cutters for that?

  7. that is a beautiful looking pie!

  8. Wow! That is gorgeous and it looks soooo yummy.

  9. Awesome! It looks great! I’ve never made one.

  10. blueskyhi

    I just drooled on my key board. Yum it looks delicious.

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