#3 Select A Theme: Snow

Everything that could or would go wrong for this week’s assignment did.  My theme had originally been “festive” as I knew we were decorating the house and going to the Christmas parade in town on Saturday.  Well, my back decided to prevent me from decorating and an unexpected blast of snow prevented us from going to the parade.  When life gives you lemons……you go out into the backyard and shoot a new theme.

We rarely get snow here in my little part of Maryland before January.  One Christmas Eve we were blessed with snow, which was also my due date for Boo monkey ( I didn’t have her until Jan. 3rd, luckily).  This is her below, outside the second time around, with hot chocolate all over her face.  Notice how she is following the keep your ears covered rule.

So there was a rippling of excitement going through this house yesterday as the girls donned boots and coats, hats and scarves to get outside and play.  Two pairs of wet, muddy clothes, a warm chicken lunch and some hot chocolate later, I finally got a chance to work on the photos.  I definitely wanted to do some editing to bring out the chilliness of the pictures.   Now throw in some camera malfunction and some computer testiness and you’ll understand why I threw in the towel at 10:00 last night and said just start fresh today!

I want to thank Carolyn and Camilla for sponsoring this project.  I have enjoyed it immensely.  It has brought a whole new field of vision to how I am taking pictures.  To stop and THINK first about what I am going to shoot, rather than snapping the same old things.  I probably would not have braved the outside yesterday and missed these gorgeous shots (okay, probably I would have).  It’s also been wonderful getting to meet so many new friends doing the same thing so please if you are not already in the project take some time to see their creations as well.

bloom rosenotes farmama florali we heart yarn beehouse hives hartwood roses potjethee ididn’trealeyes madebyanmarie mackvilleroad giveagirlafig earthycrunchy earthmama once upon a parent

If I missed anyone, please let me know, I am glad to see more of my friends are joining in!  I won’t be around to comment until later this afternoon, but if I come across anyone new I will add them to the list.

We have one more assignment, and it’s a good one, so if you want to join in, gather up here.



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10 responses to “#3 Select A Theme: Snow

  1. All of those photos are amazing, but my favourite is the last one of the tree. I LOVE that one!

    Your daughter is soooo pretty!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. your photos are beautiful.

  3. Oh we were so excited to see the snow yesterday too! I’m sad we don’t get as much as we used to around here. My kids went right outside last night and actually made three snow women. Snow and ice fresh on trees is one of my favorites!


  4. Jen there are some real stunners here. If I had snow, I’d choose it as a topic too. The furrows, boots, your daughter and the icy trees really thrill me. Luv how you cropped the boot pic. That last one is a real treasure. I’m so glad you like the wrkshop and can’t wait to see your next one.

  5. Beautiful images…lovely theme.
    You did a wonderful job on your presentation…I especially love the one of your daughter, she is so cute… I like that she is looking to the side with snowflakes in her hair, very special…
    The snow on the trees are favorite as well. Great perspectives and creativity.
    I too am glad that you like the workshop.

  6. lovely photos. snow here today too.

  7. Wonderful theme and images! I love the perspective on that third one, and that last one!……that is beeeeeutiful!!! I hope your back is feeling better today!
    love, sara

  8. I love this project to Jennifer.
    It looks like the snow snuck up on you, your pretty pink flower is going to freeze!

    I like how these photos are mostly the same color and then your beautiful bright smiling girl with hot cocoa on her cheeks.

    I am glad you got out and put these up to share with us. Your photos are great and I look forward to the ones coming this week.

  9. Those shots are absolutely gorgeous. I like your attitude.

  10. Holy cow the tree shots are amazing…my fav is the last one. I too have really enjoyed this project and have enjoyed the focus it has brought. Check out my shots when you get a chance. I still have a lot to learn, but have had fun none the less.

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