Photo Assignment #4 Faceless Portraits

Ems:  “The World At Her Feet”

Boo: “An unusual shy moment”

Me: “Bits and Pieces”

And then to have to show our faces?

Don’t we all feel better behind the camera.

The mirror shot.

It’s been a tough year and a half figuring out “who” I am.

But if I had to pick one word–mother.


This photo project inspired something else in me though.  When Carolyn first posted the assignment it brought back a memory of something I had wanted to do years ago.  When Boo, the youngest, was about two years old, I had the idea to take a photo of the four of our hands all together and frame it.  Though I would have liked to see the small two-year old hand of Boo and the four-year old hand of Ems, I am glad that post-divorce I can now take the picture of this little family as it is, with no hard feelings about the loss of my husband.  So here is the true nature of this little family to me.

The brilliance of love, a love between me and my beautiful girls that carries us through every day.

The strength of all three of us together.






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18 responses to “Photo Assignment #4 Faceless Portraits

  1. Beautiful, beautiful post! Thank you for sharing! I am so enjoying all the b&w images that were posted this week among the participants. Lovely photos of you and your family. The heart being held by all your hands-singly an together-is so touching.

    p.s. I like the snow that’s falling on your blog…very fun!!

  2. you so rock. love this post.

  3. I agree, fun that you did some in B&W.
    Lovely and thoughtful images of you and your girls. It was very nice to read the words with the photos…you have beautiful blue eyes Jen.
    I am so glad that you participated, it has been really wonderful to experience your creativity thru the lens.

  4. Oh, it’s so nice to see your pretty face! Now I can put a face to all your beautiful words.
    I really like the hearts and hands! You should do that shot every year!
    I hope you are having a nice weekend!
    love, sara

  5. You are a special soul you know that. It is so nice to put a face to your words here, Sara is right. Your photos of your hands and heart is so thoughtful and heart warming. I am happy to know you and always look forward to visiting.

    Hey! Is that snow falling! Clever you 🙂

    P.S Thought you would think this was funny.. Mae is at my desk here as I write and thought it was sooo neat that her and your beautiful girl had the same dress.

    Good night to you and your sweet girls, so glad you were a part of this!

  6. Your post is very sweet and shows the strong bond and connection your family has. The pictures of the hands and the words are beautiful. I was single with my oldest and I know the truth that these pictures seem to hold for the three of you. Sooo. glad to have met you in this assignment.


  7. Just a note about the snow.

    If you use WordPress, go to your Dashboard, then Appearances and then Extras and you can turn on the snow!!!

  8. Mon

    This is a lovely set of pics, and so good to hear your strength too.

  9. I love love love the photo’s with the hands. I have a little red heart just like yours with no pattern on it, though.
    I thought I was seeing stars for a minute but they were only on the photo (thank goodness)
    It is great getting to know you. Merry Christmas.

  10. You are a beautiful mother with a wonderful daughter!
    I also asked myself often, … who I am.
    When my daughter was born, everything fell into place!!!
    I Love the hands with the heart, and the rest.

    Happy sunnyday 🙂

  11. What a beautiful idea to take pictures of all of your hands. They are just lovely! And I love the black and whites. I tried it with some of mine and just thought the color seemed better.

    Love the snow falling!

  12. What a beautiful post. I love all the pics, but the ones of all your hands is gorgeous! What beautiful blue eyes you have too!

  13. Charming photos, girl. You definitely have a talent.

  14. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I absolutely LOVE the photos of your hands….so dreamy. You did a great job… xoxoxo

  15. Love the hands pictures! Really classic.

  16. Hi Jen,
    Tears came when I read mother. Your post is inspirational and touching. I really like the serious-honest photo of you. The B&W is so right on. You give us snow and then hearts from your hands! There’s so much variety in the messaging here and I love how you lead up to the mother-daughter photo.
    Seems to me you found out a lot about yourself this year.
    Have a wonderful holiday and let’s keep in touch.

  17. What a gorgeous post! And you are as lovely as your words and your daughters. Thank you for sharing the truth about the greatest love on earth…what mothers share with children who are honored and adored.


  18. Such a great set of pictures! Love it. That family of hands is so neat. Definitely needs to go into a frame. 🙂

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